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March 7, 2013

The Real Cause of The Problems

Harry M. Covert

Crime runs rampant these days and it’s not the blame of the media, or local, state and national financial crises, or because school teachers and administrators are avoiding responsibilities.


Movies and television programs, novels and creative stories are dominant with vicious violence of all sorts, but this is no reason for the real time, real life home invasions, burglaries, daring daylight robberies and murders to come to the forefront of community thinking and hand-wringing.


Preferably it’s fun writing with humor about daily living and the foibles and peccadilloes of politicians, movie stars, tattooed athletes who can’t speak simple sentences and mumble their way through idiotic pre- and post-game interviews.


In days gone by reporters cleaned up the quotes of punch-drunk boxers and other athletes. Today, broadcasters are as profane and inane as their subjects, too. Then there are elected national leaders who “cuss” in their interviews.


Tragically today’s citizens can be considered victims of the “home training,” or the lack thereof. There are no manners it seems. Many parents are so ill-mannered themselves they think the schools and the educators just have to endure the rude and untrained pupils.


Rules and regulations often prevent those in authority from “correcting” unruly students in far too many classrooms.


Instead of yes ma’am, no ma’am, thank you, sir, youngsters get away with yeah’s and nopes. They may well be doing their things, but parents ought to be held accountable for manners, home training before sending offspring out into the community. Preachers of all stripes should be leading the way and not wishy-washy in their sermonizing.


Yes, crime news is a favorite of news consumers, scintillating and keeps the public abreast of the off-kilter conduct which costs governments great deals of money.


One of my favorite school teachers kept control of students with a simple solution – grading. Bad conduct like sassing the teacher, rudeness or not completing work resulted in “zeroes” on the report card. Administrators stepped in and put the kibosh on this method.


School curriculums should start with Emily Post etiquette classes emphasizing courtesy and maturation.


Naturally many parents would object almost as loudly if public schools required starting the day with the Lord’s Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Gettysburg Address or the proper way to cook Maryland crab soup.


One of the better weekly reports I see in Frederick are the city and county’s Most Wanted list. These folks aren’t misunderstood. They aren’t innocents either. Most live uneducated, drug-infested and morally bankrupt lives.


Uncaring? Not in the least. Responsibility, good civics and parental guidance make the difference.


Community and political leaders need not feel guilty or throw more money at disruptive people. Hold parents and guardians responsible by issuing tickets with fines for underage conduct.


A president once said “walk softly but carry a big stick.” Another version is “when all else fails, grab the problem by the throat.”


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