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February 22, 2013

Barack Von Munchausen

Joe Charlebois

The people of the United States are victims of abuse on the highest order. Our political elites – more specifically the liberal elite – have made it their priority to create actual crises and misfortune or perceived ones to garner attention, favor and re-election to the detriment of American society.


There is a name for this behavior; it is Factitious Disorder by Proxy, or as it is more commonly called Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.


It is well defined as such from the “Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome: A Deadly Disorder” by Jessica Feurtado (AllPsych Journal, May 15, 2004) “Factitious Disorder by Proxy can range in frequency or intensity. Chronic Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome is characterized by the constant pursuit of attention through the harming of another individual. People suffering from this degree of the disorder are compulsive and allow the syndrome to consume most of their lives.


Not to say that the president and Democrat leaders are psychologically bent, but they are ideologically bent to the point that they exhibit very similar characteristics to those affected by Munchausen.


The president’s insistence on enforcing the budget sequestration is just one example of purposefully causing harm, not only to our U.S. military’s effective readiness, but it intentionally causes panic among the bureaucracy and those who rely on the federal budget.


The president and his staff want the cuts to happen. It was their idea and they fully intend to use both actual and perceived harm as a political weapon to beat the Republicans with at the polls in 2014.


Lest you think that the sequestration cuts are a tool devised by House Republicans, think again. This is a well thought-out political charade that is the brainchild of President Barack Obama’s economic team.


In fact, according to The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward, the sequestration process was essentially forced on House Speaker John Boehner (R., OH) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., NV). Neither party was comfortable with the plan, but eventually they both signed off on it to move things forward. The idea floated by the White House to the Speaker and Majority Leader – as they understood it – was to present something so unpalatable to both sides that a budget compromise would need to be forged.


In reality the president knew exactly what he was creating. He chose to create a perpetual hoax on the American electorate that was designed to castigate the Republicans as the decade’s old caricature of heartless, uncaring and bigoted.


The president has done the same with the federal budget. However, the only budgets that he has ever presented were so unreasonable that they were roundly defeated on both sides of the aisle.


With no budget the president can’t be criticized for any potential changes in spending, nor can he be held accountable for fixing broken entitlement programs. This pattern is nothing new; it is as if he is still an Illinois state senator voting “present.”


Using this all-or-nothing approach means that Mr. Obama can successfully position himself as the concerned father, who can’t understand why his ill child isn’t getting better. He puts on the façade of a concerned parent. Outwardly he presents himself as compassionate and willing to go to any measure to make sure his child gets better.


We know better.


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