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February 19, 2013

A Conservative’s Epiphany

Farrell Keough

Having reached an epiphany, it is time to set the record straight – the liberal/progressive ideologies work, and they are superior to the tired old methods of the past.


Honestly, our Constitution was written by men who had no idea how the technology of today would affect our lives. We must recognize these truths and transform our nation based upon our superior knowledge.


We are a capitalist economy and progressives have a thorough understanding of that system. That understanding includes the truth of how vicious capitalism can be. You see, there can only be winners and losers under this economic system, and there are far more losers than winners. To rectify this, a hybrid system must first be put in place – one in which the wealth of the ‘owners’ must be shared with the ‘workers.’


Very simplistically, (because honestly, who wants to delve into the specifics) business ‘owners’ use their ‘workers’ to make profit. The problem is, this profit is not shared fairly! To have a truly equitable society, all people involved in any business must receive a ‘living wage’ and an equal voice in the process. Therefore, we must move our economic system toward one where government can make these decisions because only government has no vested interest other than the good of the people.


So, we’ve established that further government regulation is a necessity in our new society. Next, let’s look at how we devastated our environment.


As we all know, Americans constitute five percent of the world's population but consume 24 percent of the world's energy! How can we justify such greed? And on top of that, we pollute to levels that far exceed any possible need – both in our nation and abroad. We take advantage of Third World nations just to buy our toys. This must stop! Fortunately, we have a mechanism to rectify this horrific situation – one apparatus is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We need more EPA oversight to end this disparity.


While we have made amazing strides in areas like medicine, building, and transportation, (to name a few) we must step back and realize the consequences of our actions. We must give over our innovations to nations in need – we’ve had our time on top, so now we must be fair and hand over this remarkable history to those who are more deserving.


Of course, that does not mean we end all of our businesses, but we must enforce strict regulations! If that means another nation surpasses us, so be it; it is our turn to be the nation in which jobs are outsourced. It is simple logic; increased regulation creates more jobs – even if those jobs come from overseas.


We also need to recognize how many lives are saved by further environmental regulation. Yes, our science has improved to a point where we can measure “toxics” down to levels that may not affect the environment. Simply because we do not know today that these horrific chemicals can damage plants and wildlife is no justification for not applying more severe regulations. Again, simple logic dictates that we must not only create tougher regulations, but we must also go after those companies who have anything to do with these potentially damaging toxics. How else can we pay for these necessary restrictions?


Of course, this means that we must accept a period of unemployment. That is easily solved by cutting the myriad loopholes. Honestly, if a company buys new equipment to meet new environmental regulations, why should they be able to amortize the cost through taxes, and forcing those who have benefited by our hard work to pay their fair share in taxes? While the conservatives may whine that the business ‘owners’ took on all the risk, truth be told, they simply took advantage of the infrastructure that exists due to our taxes.


An increase in unemployment helps in so many ways it is difficult to outline the totality. When someone is not working, their stress level diminishes accordingly. Consider how much we will save in medical costs? This same person can go back to government schools or training programs for the many new green jobs that must be on the horizon. Not only does that employ masses of people to teach these courses, but it saves the planet by pushing us toward these wise energy policies – it is a win-win.


Of course, we have to deal with immigration – or, undocumented Americans. Our businesses have abused these people, and it is time to turn this around! An increase in the minimum wage will help – but that must be applied to all workers.


We can easily run background checks on these poor people who made the tough trek into our nation. Consider the Pilgrims – did they present papers to the existing American government? No! Why should it be different for people who simply want to make a better life for themselves? That a tiny percentage may have drug or other criminal backgrounds is a small price to pay for such a necessary group of people who want to be here. Our immigration system is overburdened and the only solution is to simply open the door and allow those who want to take advantage of our system to participate.


Increased gun control is not even worth debate; it is obvious we need to limit, (if not completely eliminate) gun ownership. We put our full trust in our government, (again, government employees have no vested interest other than to benefit the people) and that is enough to protect us! If we remove all guns, it stands to reason that criminals cannot obtain them. Pretty simple solution, yet so many people toss around that age-old Second Amendment argument. We need to realize that a bunch of old men wrote that document, and it must be flexible enough to keep up with the times. Did the Founders ever consider the Internet? Nope, yet it exists. Need more be said?


Finally, we must fully embrace a government healthcare system. Like our government schools, this program will work. How could it fail? Like our Constitution, these things must be flexible and the bureaucrats will most certainly make it work for all of us.


Embrace this transformational governance because you will be dependent upon it!


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