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February 8, 2013

Bulgarian Jew-Baiting

Roy Meachum

It hardly produced sonic booms in downtown Frederick. The news was not carried in the local paper. But still American lives could be expended in the near future.


After almost a year, Sofia announced Tuesday the deaths of five Israeli tourists, a bus driver and an assassin were “believed” caused by the Hezbollah, the Party of God, based in Lebanon. The Bulgarians called on the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Mossad, the fabled Israeli overseas office, to determine what went wrong on July 18, 2012.


Hezbollah issued a strong statement denying the responsibility for the bloody incident. A retired Lebanese general said the Sofia announcement “lacks unequivocal evidence.” He went on to say: “The party doesn’t retaliate against Israeli attacks by killing civilians. This decision is political in nature, since Bulgaria is not an independent country, but politically dependent on the West.”


Since Russia and its satellite abandoned communism, not only politically but economically, Bulgaria has received around a billion dollars and that continues to flow.


Of course, newly elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement right away: “This is yet a further corroboration of what we have already known, that Hezbollah and its Iranian patrons are orchestrating a worldwide campaign of terror that is spanning countries and continents.”


Naturally, Washington, as it usually does, reiterated the sentiments out of Jerusalem and cheered them on.


The New York Times reported: “Bulgarian officials, wary about jumping to conclusions and concerned about alienating European allies, needed more proof before they would determine that the attack had been the work of Hezbollah.” Sofia’s Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov seemed to back off from his Tuesday statement, reducing it to a “reasonable assumption, I repeat a reasonable assumption…”


More certain was The Washington Post, which branded Hezbollah as a terroristic organization and went on to un-“reasonable assumptions,” not quoting what Mr. Tsvetanov said at all.


Considering the history of the Eastern European nation, it’s possible that Bulgarians themselves were responsible. They have a proud record of what the country did when the Nazi Holocaust raged; they claim they saved all their approximately 43,000 Jews, but Israel records that nearly the same number emigrated to the Jewish state. In 2011, they counted 1,162 men, women and children went to Bulgarian synagogues.


The anti-Semitism was so strong; it still is. Russia, of course, is attributed for largest number of Israeli immigrants, followed by Poland and Romania – reduced from about 600,000 to some 9,700. The Bulgarian government won’t admit it; the July 18 bombers might be themselves.


This may not figure in considerations in Washington and Jerusalem where anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe can be attributed to most people in the Jewish state – I’m not forgetting Palestinians and other Arabs.


Both Muslims and Christians, their birthrate as compared to that of the Jewish population, may determine the future of the Middle East. Once again, Washington will be stuck with the short end of the stick – as always.


“Sic semper,” in Latin.


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