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February 7, 2013

Are Confiscatory Gun Laws Headed Our Way?

Blaine R. Young

The gun control bill currently making the rounds in the state Senate, known as SB 281, is both breathtaking and not a little bit frightening in its scope. This bill should not be called gun control. It is more like gun confiscation.


This is the first time in my history as a resident of the State of Maryland that our government, and assumedly our police forces, are coming into our homes to confiscate private property.


That's right! This bill goes well beyond reasonable gun control measures that have been proposed in the past. A renewal of the ban on assault weapons, increased vigilance to ensure that the mentally ill do not possess firearms, and things like that were to be expected in the current climate. Many would have had far less of an issue with measures such as those.


But this bill goes much further. Not only does it brand as illegal typical and standard firearms that are possessed legally by many law-abiding citizens, it turns all who own them into criminals if we do not march down to the government office and beg for a permit.


That's right! I legally own a .9 millimeter, semi-automatic pistol. I use it to shoot recreationally and competitively at a pistol club, under the supervision of qualified range safety officers. People have never harmed a soul shooting our guns in such a safe and responsible manner.


If this bill is passed, my handgun will automatically be illegal. And, in order for me to continue to own and possess it, I will have to complete an eight hour classroom course and demonstrate proficiency in handling the weapon. This after I have demonstrated proficiency at my pistol club for many years. Then, I will have to hope that the bureaucrat in charge of issuing the licenses is not having a bad day, or otherwise does not bungle my application, so that I can have the governor's blessing to continue to own a firearm I have owned for many years.


This is not only outrageous, it must be unconstitutional. It is one thing to ban the purchase and sale of regulated firearms. It is quite another to tell me that I am a criminal for having a gun, which I legally purchased and now legally own, in my closet, safely locked up with a trigger lock.


We can only imagine what is next. Will the governor's own designated enforcement squads come storming into our homes to inspect them to ensure that we are not in the possession of newly banned firearms? Will our homes be subject to warrantless searches to verify that we are in compliance with this new law?


If you laugh at that, keep in mind that any governor and legislature that shows so little respect for the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution can be expected to show equal lack of respect for the Fourth Amendment. I fear that we will never again, after the passage of this bill, be secure in our homes from the threat of unannounced forced government entry to search for handguns.


If the state wants to discuss responsible measures that do not intrude upon our constitutional rights, I am more than willing to participate in the discussion. But what we have instead is a governor trying to "one-up" the governor of New York and pass an even more far left and more unconstitutional handgun bill to burnish his credentials for the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries.


This governor and these senators should be ashamed of themselves, and should go back and take a class on the United States Constitution.


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