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January 31, 2013

Frederick County Leaders Gets It

Zachary Peters

With legislative session underway in Annapolis, two lawmakers from right here in Frederick County have sponsored bills to lower the corporate tax rate in Maryland.


Del. Kelly Schulz (R., 4th) and Sen. David Brinkley (R., Frederick/Carroll) have introduced bills in their respective houses to lower the steep 8.25% corporate tax rate to a more manageable 6%. With taxes going up on citizens as well (not just businesses), it’s no wonder we continue to lose people to more business and bank account friendly places, such as the neighboring state of Virginia.


But the corporate tax rate is not a new topic to be discussed in Annapolis. According to The Baltimore Business Journal, “The bills mark at least the third try in recent years by lawmakers to reduce Maryland’s corporate income tax rate after lawmakers increased it to 8.25 percent from 7 percent in 2007.”


Why won’t our super majority liberal leaders – who control our state – budge on this issue? Well, we have to tax the rich, of course! We must continue to punish those who have wealth, those who have worked hard for their money, and especially those greedy businesses and corporations that hoard their profits.


There is at least one fundamental problem right off the bat. Could it be possible that these corporations are responsible for a decent amount of middle class jobs? Jackpot!


When in an argument over trickle-down economics or cutting taxes on those horrible businesses that so greedily employ so many people, I usually ask one central question: Have you ever been hired by a poor person?


It sounds silly, almost rude, but it’s a legitimate and honest question. Thinking back to every job I’ve ever had, from restaurant kitchens, to farms, to law offices and corporations, the common denominator is that every person or entity I worked for had some kind of need for me and also the profit and resources to pay me for the work I did. An absurd concept, I know.


So how does increasing taxes on these corporations, or any business for that matter, improve job creation in the state? How will requiring these large employers to pay more money to reckless government spenders increase a competitive and friendly business environment in Maryland?


What if, bear with me on this, we lowered the corporate tax rate or made it even to the states that border us so that more jobs stay in our state rather than fleeing to more business friendly places? If we did that, maybe even a new corporation or business would come to Maryland, maybe even start up here.


Delegate Schulz and Senator Brinkley are the ones who get it. “It” means that they understand that more spending and higher taxes will not create long term success, but only more debt and fewer jobs.


While you consider the validity and logic behind the bills mentioned, don’t forget about the most business friendly Board of County Commissioners we’ve had since I can remember in Frederick County. While you’re at it, think back to those $100 checks you got in the mail when the commissioners had a surplus.


It truly is a shame that more of our leaders throughout the state and nation do not realize that the money they so frivolously spend is our money. Or the concept that taxing businesses to death does not produce or encourage economic growth within your county, state or nation. It only kills it.


Thankfully, most of Frederick County’s leaders in Winchester Hall and in Annapolis understand those concepts.


It must be something in the water.


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