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January 29, 2013

Next President Clinton

Roy Meachum

The president appeared together with his withdrawing Secretary of State on “60 Minutes.” Recorded Friday in a CBS studio, the weekend media talk and writings attracted the largest audience possible. The publicity was gilding the lily.


Nearly four years before the national elections, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s joint appearance on national television, plus the other media, makes it a done deal, nobody else should apply for the Democratic nod in 2016. On the bad side, the bold proclamation enables the competition to zero in on the former leading figure in the Obama cabinet.


Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton may just be the most powerful political couple ever in U.S. history. They brilliantly surpass Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt from my youth, who were married together. In that bygone era, there was an illusion of male supremacy, when women’s names were not put forth for the most significant cabinet office, according to the order of the presidential succession.


As former First Lady, Mrs. Clinton certainly knows the pecking list, which struck some strange that she declined to run on Mr. Obama’s slate, after she lost the nomination to him in 2008. Texan John Nance, who was Mr. Roosevelt’s first vice president, described the job “as not worth a pitcher of warm spit.” Instead, she chose Foggy Bottom independence, out from under the White House’s shadow, free to win or fail on her own.


Despite GOP sniping, she succeeded very well, as exemplified by last week’s Senate hearing on the Benghazi tragedy. She gained admirers for standing up to male interrogators, displaying the backbone that stood her in good stead during her marriage’s dark times. She is all by herself in the approval polls; she beats non-political Mrs. Obama with four-times more mentions.


As I wrote in, the president is rated approvingly by more than half the constituency; 10 times that of his runner up, South Africa’s Nelson Mandela. By contrast, as a New Orleans priest put it, Mr. Obama’s GOP rivals are “so low that they have to reach up to pinch a snake’s belly.” Furthermore, the Republicans continue to destroy themselves.


The real danger in the situation for the Democrats is that 65-year-old Mrs. Clinton might die – the problem of putting all eggs in one basket. Considering the time she spent under the public eye, no one may possibly expect any scandal. Her approval went up after her husband was impeached in his last term in the White House. Contesting for the U.S. Senate from New York, she handled her male opponents – handily.


Of course, the current outlook doesn’t distress me. Hillary Clinton practices the same form of conservative Democratic policy I do, which is why I have so many Republican friends; we split when it comes to parties, but frequently join our hips together on individual issues. Mrs. Clinton and I are called liberals by the right-wing radicals for not agreeing with them totally.


In fending off the GOP’s twisted thinking, Barack Obama occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the next four years. But in 2016, the first African American chief executive will yield to the first female president – and all within my lifetime!


Vere et Justus est!! Latin translated: It’s true and just.


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