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January 18, 2013

National Political GOP Waterloo

Roy Meachum

The next crisis on Capitol Hill looms over the debt ceiling. Republicans insist on spending cuts from the Democrats. President Barrack Obama dug in his heels; thinks they should be separate legislative issues.


GOP House leaders face the battle without big business in their corner. Holding down taxes was a completely different matter. America’s CEOs were not in favor of decreasing the amounts they put in banks. But as managers, they can sniff out economic danger. The prospect of the government relegated to a position of not paying bills scares the bejesus out of them.


Charles and David Koch cast doubts on the Republican Party. Known for their support of conservative politicians and causes, the brothers let the world know Tuesday that they don’t make political decisions in a knee-jerk manner. They can act independently, particularly when it comes to the sense the House GOP has gone off-the-tracks. The Kochs criticized the party for losing America’s attention.


According to The New York Times, Republicans have been “transplanted from the industrial Northeast and urban centers to become rooted in the South and West, in towns and rural centers” with all that means; Richard M. Nixon’s “southern strategy” is victorious. They have assumed a general populist, “anti-tax” and anti-government stance. They’re less supportive of big business. Quite the opposite.


Dwight David Eisenhower would scramble to begin to understand the GOP, which sent him to the White House more than once. Even remembering his Kansas grassroots, he could scarcely recognize the party’s shape and motivations in the 21st Century. Nationally, they are sick and dying – as I have written before.


Like most American politicians, Republicans, furthermore, toe the mark with the gun lobby – particularly in western Maryland. They fear the National Rifle Association’s clout at the ballot-box all over the country – maybe not in the New York City limits. That has much to do with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who rejected the Grand Old Party six years ago and prospered politically since. He’s now registered Independent. By the way, as a businessman, the mayor is not in favor of Speaker John Boehner’s approach generally. He was in favor of lifting the taxes on everyone, volunteering to pay more himself from his deep pockets.


Big business is fearful of economic danger if Capitol Hill does not allow more government borrowing to pay creditors, contractors, program beneficiaries and others, including their corporations. It is not unreasonable to see changes in political funding for upcoming campaigns.


Having pulled taxpayers from the “fiscal cliff” one more time, the GOP put us there again last year. The party was edgy about repealing the Bush/Cheney tax cuts for corporations and individuals. That experience is remembered by the public. According to “favorable” surveys, the president scores some 55 percent, while the Republican-controlled House of Representatives comes in in the low teens.


The Democratic surge seen on November 6, 2012, might become a flood in 2016, wiping out all the political gains that the GOP enjoyed in 2010. We’re well on our way to witness the Republican Party’s disappearance on the national scene.



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