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As Long as We Remember...

January 17, 2013

Priceless Absurdity in Annapolis

Chris Cavey

Citizens of Maryland beware! Just over a week ago the Maryland General Assembly convened for its annual 90-day session. This session's political expectations look of be liberal-leaning and expensive.


Gov. Martin O'Malley and his minions are preparing for a White House run. In doing so they must experiment with the unadulterated principles of pure liberalism. We are mitochondrial powering this lame duck liberal experiment in the petri dish known as The State of Maryland.


As the Democrat hacks and our "unbiased" media insinuate that the Republican Party is leaning too far to the right, it is plain to see the Democrats and Mr. O'Malley are dragging our state to the far left at exponential speed. It is with this agenda he will prove to his national party that Martin O'Malley can accomplish anything in Maryland.


The "wish list" is amazing and composed of legislation that every other Democrat governor can only envy. They all know Maryland has become a testing ground for all things Democrat and all things liberal. Maryland's storied, inbred, single-party power is nearing its peak. This session's legislation is proof.


Firearms regulation will be getting considerable ink as the "unbiased" media lobbies for Governor O'Malley daily on this key issue. The votes are already lined up as Senate President Mike Miller (Calvert/Prince George’s) has publically stated he expects this to go to referendum for the citizens to decide. In the end, unwitting citizens will be made to believe that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution doesn't pertain to Maryland. Depending on the language in the proposed bills, Governor O'Malley will prove to the Michael Moore's liberal nation that he can do something within his fiefdom that President Barack Obama could not in his.


Out in the trenches, gun owners, and other believers of the Constitution, will be hastily gathering signatures in hopes to petition this disarming bill to referendum and perhaps they may succeed. But another piece of the O'Malley plan of dominance is aimed at making the citizen's rights to referendum even tougher.


Three former pieces of legislation were brought to the citizens in 2012 through citizen referendum; conventional wisdom from the Democrat leadership is that it must have been easy, so it must need reform. The package to "protect consistent Democrat election control" will also include legislation related to campaign finance and early voting. The most news worthy infractions of campaign finance laws in the last election cycle were those by Democrats. However, the apex of power is when the fox watches the hen house.


The next premier issue of liberal ilk is the death penalty repeal. What liberal wouldn't like this one? There will be sob stories and tears shed in various committees for mass murderers, cop killers and others. Moms and girlfriends of convicted killers will tell stories of found religion, reforms, regaling that only a few bad choices were made and they will ask forgiveness. Confused legislators will vote for repeal rather than explain to citizens the need to have the ultimate punishment on the books. This bill will also pass but will not be brought to referendum. A second gem in O'Malley's march to a Triple Crown.


The final jewel in the Triple Crown will be the "Green Package." Fracking, septic systems, sustainable growth and off-shore wind energy will each have an expensive role in the greening of Maryland. We will be inhibited, mandated and legislated to go green without regard of the costs – current or future. The sizzle will be sold and the cost of the steak will be only an estimate to be funded later by some future administration.


The test of loyalty will come when Democrat legislators toe the line for their governor and vote for increasing the gas tax. (After all, there will be plenty of future White House appointments and jobs!) Additional taxes will happen to pay for programs like the "greening of Maryland" and the other unfunded mandates presented. Governor O'Malley has nowhere else to borrow from Maryland's future now that the Transportation Trust Fund is broke and increased revenue will be the only road to follow. (Note: This will be addressed but will receive very little press.)


By the time we finally approach April and Sine Die, our fair-haired Irish governor will be the talk of the liberal world and already planning his final legislative package for 2014 session. Who knows what lies ahead as he proves to the rest of the nation only he can take the reins from Barack Obama and ride further to the liberal left?


I urge you to make a trip to Historic Annapolis during this session to watch first-hand the entertainment. On Lawyers Mall there will be numerous vigils and rallies, many harkening back to the heyday of liberal protests in the late '60's.


If you can only make one event this year, please try to make it on "Wind Energy Night" as supporters give an encore performance of John Lennon's modified 1969 song, "Give Peace a Chance." Once again it is sure to be a spectacular event as hundreds of supporters sway and sing – "All we are saying is give wind a chance."


It will surely be a memorable segment of priceless absurdity during an otherwise dismal session. Hope to see you there!



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