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January 3, 2013

It’s Not That Time of Year…

Patricia A. Kelly

As the “Ball” dropped over Times Square Monday night, the evening’s host, Ryan Seacrest, stood surrounded by a group of zombies, or something: an Asian guy wearing white fur, a person white from top of head to tip of toe who was not an albino, and someone with shaved sideburns and hair sticking on the top of his head, to mention a few.


His co-host, Jenny McCarthy, was writhing face down on the pavement over a picture of Justin Bieber. I think she was supposed to be kissing it, but the writhing suggested excessive public self expression of one sort or another.


Why, I wondered, am I watching this, if only for 15 minutes? Who is Pit Bull, and why is he performing on New Year’s Eve in Times Square? Why is Fergie wearing a Star Wars golden dress with her hair twisted into a knot pointing straight up on top of her head? What is the great talent that entitles her to be part of this show?


Where is Marian Anderson?


After months of election sound bites, followed by shopping and partying ads, we are now watching non-stop “resolution” ads. Every diet program, exercise program and fitness regimen is represented.


First, we ran around in an election frenzy. Then, we ran around in a shopping and eating frenzy. Now, in the month of January, we are expected to be transforming ourselves into taut, slender, powerful and sexy beings who know just what coffee to drink and just what clothing to wear, while on the way to stupendous financial success.


I just don’t get it. Whoever decided that January would be a great time to re-vamp one’s life has been dipping too heavily into the appetizers and cocktails to think clearly. It’s too cold and dark out for renewal and re-invention. We’ve been running non-stop, and need to get warm and get some rest.


A comfy couch with lots of pillows and a soft quilt would be a much better choice.


Our food should be warm, too. Skip the salads, and cook those veggies into a nice, warm soup or stew. Serve with plenty of warm, crusty bread and butter and maybe a glass of red wine or a grilled cheese sandwich, and you’re getting somewhere.


There’s plenty of time to become a fitness fanatic when they start those ads about looking good in a bathing suit.


So, call the firewood man, find some good books and movies, fluff up the blankets, and get the winter comfort you deserve. Don’t even make unnecessary trips outside, unless it’s to make a snow angel.


There is more to taking care of yourself than exercise and fat free Greek yoghurt.


Happy New Year….



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