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As Long as We Remember...

December 27, 2012

A BIG Christmas Wish

Joan Marie Aquilino

As I sit here writing this week, it is Christmas Eve and my world is covered in fresh fallen snow. It’s a little difficult to keep an eye on the trouble our world is in. My girls are due to arrive any moment; and; for me, all won’t be right until they are here and safe.


I’ve had a fall and now winter of ups and downs and unfortunately more downs than ups of late. The elections this year literally took my breath away. I know many say it, but this was an election for me that I’ve never encountered prior. I felt in the past that we Americans could survive whatever hand we were dealt. Now, I no longer feel that way. We seem to be losing our direction, our morals and ethics may be a thing of the past. Do we have the fight left in us to come back?


I’m disgusted with our federal government. No one seems capable of focusing on what is best for the vast majority; rather the focus seems to be on self-serving personal interest before all else. My county and my state need to prevail and fight for us against big government. Do I feel that will happen? No!!! I don’t? My state is suffocating us with unfunded mandates to my Board of Education as well as county government.


What is wrong with these so-called elected officials? They kept digging us into this mess and never once took measures to either stop it or try climbing out of this fiscal hole they put us in. The American public (or at least the vast majority) just doesn’t get it.


The government is not save you. You are on your own. Those of us struggling just to make ends meet cannot continue to pay for those doing nothing to help themselves. Unemployment is not a career; it’s supposed to be a temporary stop gap. The same goes for all the other government supported (by our tax dollars) programs. I could care less if you want free birth control or not, that’s your problem. I’m not here to pay for your abortions because you aren’t smart enough to use proper birth control.


Those I do agree to help are our children, who don’t have parents doing their jobs; but I don’t agree to help the parents and allow them to continue having children to pad their own pockets. I do agree to help our elderly, who have given and done their whole lives and now need our assistance to maintain a little peace and security in their “golden” years.


So, my Christmas wish this year is that God and Santa will give all federal elected officials a brain implant and make sure there are extra portions of common sense, morals, ethics and a big dose of logic.




A very special thank you to those Road Angels (a gentleman and his stepson in an orange Jeep), who were so kind and helpful to so many, on Rt. 80, helping them on Christmas Eve. My daughter slid off the road several times and was stuck. Were it not for them, I’m not sure how it would have played out.


. . . . .'til next time . . .


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