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December 24, 2012

Whither We Go…

Cindy A. Rose

With all the sadness around us lately, I wasn’t sure what to write about just before Christmas. Is it wrong to rejoice in the happiness of our lives while others are suffering so much tragedy?


Do we take down the lights and undecorated our hearths to honor the deaths of so many innocent people?


For those who believe in the promise of everlasting life through the sacrifice of Jesus, we do not live our lives in mourning. We live our lives despite the wickedness and depravity that may be around us. We live our lives with the promise of a better day. There is much joy in the world; it just doesn’t buy advertising time. What does that say about society?


I was saddened by the politics of both the left and right just after the Sandy Hook nightmare. I found none of the usual political rhetoric comforting, nor consoling. It infuriated and saddened me and caused me to reflect on my own participation.


Taking a closer look at who thought this was the proper time to discuss banning guns, or to highlight the hypocrisy of defending life unless it’s in the womb, I learned a lot about myself. Looking in the mirror is often the last place we look, but I’m wagering it’s the best place we’ll find solutions. I took a long look and wasn’t thrilled with what I saw.


Are we so married to political parties, agendas and philosophies that in times of national sorrow we must still have the upper hand on whose policies are responsible for the moral decay of our country?


Why must we continually point the finger of blame outward? Better yet, why are we satisfied pointing fingers while holding no meaningful discussions designed to prevent the next such occurrence? Are we all so afraid of letting the other side win that we don’t care if we all lose? Neither side is addressing the route of the problem. In the most recent school shooting, we should be casting the blame on a mentally ill young man and a family that enabled him – not the National Rifle Association and gun laws.


We must also take a serious look at how we are becoming too busy to personally and physically interact with our families, friends and neighbors.


It’s easy to dislike the Democrats or Republicans because we don’t spend time with “them.” I’m not sure I can continue participating in this kind of existence. My neighbor is not my enemy because the word “Democrat” appears on his or her voter registration card.


We’ve allowed the media to whip us into such a political frenzy and convince us the “others” are doing everything in their power to put an end to “our” way of life. Anymore we think of each other as appendages of a political party and not people who would, if necessary, burst through a burning door to save a life. Wouldn’t they? Do we still have this kind of faith in our neighbors?


Christmas is supposed to be the season of giving. Give thanks, love, compassion and forgiveness. Let’s try to hold off on the giving of a lecture and a stern wagging finger. Let’s take back our dignity and civility from the clutches of political aggression.


I, for one, am going to take this time between now and the New Year to reflect on what “I” can do to make my home, my neighborhood, my schools, my county and state a better place to live in.


I’m tired of anger and hostility, born in the backroom of some political think tank, spread through our communities and designed to keep the parties from uniting against our common foe: over-reaching, Big Government, the tax man, the regulator. The politicians spend countless hours on bills renaming federal buildings and removing the word "lunatic" from existing legislation. Shouldn't they be working on bills relaxing regulations for the small businessman and extending tax cuts for the hard working men and women across our country?


Politicians are not about the "people" any more. Politicians are about the "system" and how to perpetuate and grow it.


Maybe the Mayan calendar was right. Could it be the end of continual government creep into every corner of our lives? Is it possible that 2013 is the birth of a new American Revolution? That is my Christmas Wish.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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