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December 20, 2012

A Political Christmas Family Letter

Chris Cavey

Every year I ponder about the prose to be written in our family Christmas letter, which is exclusively sent to those friends and family not involved in our day-to-day lives. Unlike my pontifications in this forum, it is crammed with family facts and stories of interest.


So... what if it was purely political? Perhaps a tongue-in-cheek letter would look like this:


Merry Christmas from the Cavey Family!


Here we are writing to you, yet again, from the Peoples Republic of Maryland. Stuck under liberal Democrat rule and just about to be shoved off the fiscal cliff. Hope this letter finds you well. Other than politics, the economy and hope for the future, all is well here in Maryland at the Cavey Compound. We remain generally healthy and the grandkids are growing.


Maddie (age 4) and Jake (age 2) are great kids. We love our grandchildren and – prior to the past election – had great hope for their future. Maddie is in pre-school and Jake is just starting to talk. Both have wonderful personalities. Their College Savings Plans are only growing at about one-half of a percent each year; and, with the rising cost of education, our hope is they will have enough money saved by age 40 to attend an out-of-state school. (Since Maryland's colleges and universities will likely be filled with the children of illegal immigrants, foreign students and out-of state residents, there is still hope.)


Our youngest son Nick (age 21) just graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College as a Communications major; we were bursting with joy at his accomplishment! In this tough Obama economy, we were happy that he was fortunate enough to find a job working four hours a day boxing books at Random House in Westminster, for minimum wage. He is a smart and intuitive child. Nick is moving back to impoverished West Virginia where he can work a similar low wage job, but make his dollars stretch further than in Maryland's tax and spend economy. Thank heavens he also took some economics courses!


Jason and Megan (Maddie and Jake's parents) are also happy, healthy and still living in the small townhouse in Hampstead, backwards on their mortgage like all young couples their age. Megan takes Maddie to pre-school and then takes Jake to work with her, at her part-time job. Jason left his job with the State of Maryland and is now working in the private sector doing a similar job at a 30-percent pay increase! He loves the fact that he is uber-productive now.


Being an entrepreneur, like his father, he has started a part-time business doing web development and Internet hosting. In order to efficiently compete in our state, he sub-contracts the programming portion to vendors in India. He is getting used to the 10-hour time difference. Jason has quickly found out, too, about the difficulties of owning a small business – and government red tape. He and Megan are thankful they only have to have one full-time and two part-time jobs to make ends meet.


Cathy is still working for the State of Maryland (almost nine years now) wearing the tires off the car commuting 70 miles each day to her job. She loves her work and always has fantastic reviews. Cathy keeps her job because she is the non-political member of the family. No public opinions, no bumper stickers and no Internet postings – typical of a Republican who works in a Democrat controlled state. However, we are thankful everyday for the paycheck, benefits, holidays, and accrued vacation time.


Chris had a big year for sure! He took early retirement from Nationwide after 32 years and is finding out firsthand how retirement income is taxed. Being a presidential election year, he was eyeball deep in GOP politics as a member of the Romney Steering Committee in Maryland, delegate to the Republican National Convention and member of the RNC Platform Committee. (As always jumping into the deep end of the pool, and loving it!) The election results were disappointing, yet he lumbers on carrying the GOP flag in our deep blue, liberal leaning, pro-gay marriage, pro-illegal immigrant, horribly gerrymandered, tax heaven Maryland. His only solace is his bi-monthly articles on where he has become the most well-read individual writing opinion columns on the Internet. (


So, there you have it. The Caveys of Hampstead are alive, well, economically depressed, politically dysfunctional and wishing you a Merry Christmas!


Hope to see you next year…


Yellow Cab
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