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November 30, 2012

Duped by Economic Illiteracy

Joe Charlebois

Economic illiteracy has lent itself to ever encroaching Marxism. The "dumbing down" of Americans – specifically when it comes to economics – has made them susceptible to the lies of a government less interested in telling the truth than interested in creating a society where the government is the primary broker of power.


The left talks in terms of war between different economic classes and the fairness of having the so-called rich pay a majority of federal income taxes.


For decades Americans have been bullied and duped by the progressive left into the false notion that we as Americans are forever defined by both social and economic classes. What was – and is – great about the Grand Experiment is that we needn't define ourselves by class. Many poor men have become millionaires and many millionaires have become poor.


We need to return to the idea that we are not merely placeholders in society. Due to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and their careful crafting of our Constitution, we are blessed to live in a free – albeit less so – society that allows for true social mobility.


Those who emigrated from other lands are very aware of the economic differences that the "land of opportunity" can provide. They lived in strict class-based structures with little to no hope for a better life. The left, whether they will admit it or not, has embraced the Marxist model of economics. The left has for over a century hammered home the concept that America is just like any other nation, and that is the one that pits the business owner against the worker and vice versa.


We all talk about being part of the middle class, but in reality America has no middle class. We are not destined to toil at the menial job our fathers did, we have opportunity. Our society is dynamic. Our nation is diverse. Our land is full of people who not only dream of a better life but pursue their passions with the effort seldom seen in other parts of the world.


We have social mobility because our Constitution was set up to protect the private property rights of citizens. However, with the passage of the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Congress was given extraordinary powers. Congress was given the power to levy an income tax that is still in force today.


Most income taxes are collected through withholding, so very few taxpayers actually sit down and write a check to pay their taxes. Very few actually realize that they are forfeiting their property to the federal government. Our paychecks are our property. They represent a portion of our lives. We have a finite time upon this earth, and we trade that time for income.


Since the federal government uses a progressive tax rate, it is – in essence – punishing certain income levels and rewarding others. How then is it morally justifiable for a government to have a citizen forfeit a greater portion of their life than another?


The president and others on the left constantly state that the rich need to pay their "fair share" and they should. They should pay the same percentage as every other American. It is the only fair and moral way to collect revenue.



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