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November 29, 2012

Giving íTil It Hurts

Joan Marie Aquilino

Christmas Cash for Kids is in full swing and gaining support from our entire community and many outside the immediate area. This event – and this time of year – always seems to be just what I need to revive my faith in man and womankind.


The $1, $2 and $10 donations normally come with such stories of desperate times that it’s a rare moment that I’m not brought to tears. Those types of donations are the life blood to this admirable charity. So many of these dear people are barely making it themselves; but somehow they find those few extra dollars and in some cases coins to help someone else.


Christmas Cash for Kids has been sponsored by WFMD radio station for going on 12 years now, but the charity itself was started in 1975 by one disc jockey trying to do something good for one family. Today, it surpasses 1,600 children who need a reason to believe someone, somewhere cares enough to bring them the miracle of Christmas.


Of course, we all know in our heads that Christmas is not about the gifts and goodies. It is about doing good and helping others. As a child you are aware that those around you are receiving visits from Santa; and if you aren’t, then there must be something wrong. Christmas Cash for Kids strives to bridge those gaps; and, not only prove that all children are special and worthy, but to give a bit of joy in the toys received as well as the much needed clothing for warmth and security.


Sometimes things we assume are forgotten. So I need to refresh everyone’s memory and let you know that every single cent goes directly to the children. There is not one cent used for any administration work or salaries. WFMD930AM volunteers air time and staff does the same. All people working with this charity do it all on a volunteer basis and many of those same people are also some of the largest donors of their own money.


As of today Christmas Cash for Kids will end tomorrow at midnight. My wish and prayer for you for this holiday season and upcoming year is that you can find within yourself the ability to give and be part of the community that knows that on Christmas morning they are a big part of the reason more than 1600 children in Frederick County will be smiling and that their faith has been renewed.


Christmas Cash for Kids 301-694-WFMD (9363)


Be a part of the magic, call today and make your pledge of any amount from $1 to $1,000 or more to help our community’s children have a joyous Christmas morning. Give until you can feel it.


Thank you, and may God Bless you and yours


. . . . .'til next time . . .


As always, I’d love to hear from you; so, let me know what’s on your mind by emailing, or contacting me directly at


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