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As Long as We Remember...

November 22, 2012

Down a Dark and Lonely Road…

Zachary Peters

With the re-election of President Barack Obama, Americans all over the nation are preparing for the next four years, some more extremely than others.


We’ve seen the stock market rapidly decline since the election, companies going out-of-business or laying off employees (no more Twinkies), and now some citizens have stated petitions seeking to peacefully secede from the United States. (Yes, you read that right. Secede.). Just when we thought everything election-related was over…


Starting with Texas, every state now has a petition on the “White House Petitions” website asking to form their own government. Any petition on the site needs 25,000 signatures to garner a response from the White House, which typically are weak responses and are rarely taken seriously.


I thought the idea of secession was simply ludicrous, especially in modern times. Never in my life did I think I would see a secession movement actually take place. Flashbacks of middle school social studies and images Robert E. Lee came to mind.


However, if any state was granted secession, it should be Texas. As stated in its petition, the state has the 15th largest economy in the world. In the world! That’s better than the majority of other sovereign nations.


With that kind of economic power and a smaller government that can better and more closely represent its citizens’ interests, Texas would be just fine on its own. This is incredibly feasible. Texas always passes balanced budgets, governs in a way that always puts citizen’s rights and liberties first, and has Right-to-Carry laws. Sounds like my kind of place.


Over the next four years, with President Obama not facing the pressure of re-election, we’re going to see a radical turn heading farther left than ever before. The standard of living is going to decrease, taxes are going to increase, and words like wealth, profit, or success are going to become things of the past.


And don’t think you can count on Speaker of The House John Boehner (R., OH), or the other “mainstream” Republicans. Unlike President Obama, the congressmen are pressured with re-election fears and you better believe that these leaders are going to bend whichever the Democrats please after a landslide re-election, arguably, of one of the most liberal presidents this country has seen. Naturally, on television, they’ll still be painted as the ultra-rightwing Republicans. Do not expect much from them.


It’s these attitudes that fill American minds with doubt and distrust for our American political system. We continue to stray away from the principles set forth by our Founding Fathers, and proceed to things like progressive socialism that will undoubtedly end with a fiscal climate comparable to Greece.


When you see your rights disappearing, your bank accounts emptying, and your country venturing down this dangerous path, can you really blame Texas? Can you really blame the business owners – like a Denny’s owner – who are going to have to raise prices and add an “Obamacare Surcharge” to all bills in order to stay afloat? Not at all.


However, is any of this secession business going to take place? Doubtful. Is it fun to think about and discuss? Definitely. But upset Americans should take a different approach, maybe one that will actually work. After all, when Gov. Martin O’Malley beat former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., a second time, we all didn’t pick up move to Virginia, did we?


Rather than packing up and heading out of Dodge, concerned Americans need to become active in the process by putting pressure on the Republican leaders, reminding them that liberals aren’t the only voters out there; and if these leaders don’t remain firm with conservative beliefs, or if they cave to Democrat demands, they’ll join the rest of America in looking for a new job when their term ends.


So, to secede or not to secede? That is the question. While it is feasible for Texas, I say no and think it would be an injustice to abandon this country while it’s in such a fragile state.


Regardless, as previously stated, each petition only needs 25,000 signatures by December 9 to receive a response from the White House. As of Sunday evening, the Texas petition had 114,576 signatures, the most of any secession petition.


Will The White House actually respond?


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