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As Long as We Remember...

November 20, 2012

Kim Dine Returns to Old Haunts

Roy Meachum

Next month Frederick City’s Police Chief Kim Dine goes back to the neighborhood he knows very well. This time he will be an insider.


During his 27 years on Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department, he attained the rank of assistant chief, commanding the First Division, which includes the Congress and all its buildings. After a decade of service to this city, he will head the Capitol Police, giving him access to federal things.


In answer to my e-mailed “Congratulations!” he responded with a list of his accomplishments:


“Built bridges across the City with our African-American community, our Muslim community, our Deaf community, our GLBT community; intelligently advanced the use of technology in the agency to make us more effective and cost efficient to maximize resources; improved our training and use of national practices; employed a true community policing strategy; implemented intelligence-led policing which has resulted in effective crime fighting and a reduction in crime over the past ten years.”


What the chief didn’t mention was how he made the police force entirely professional: three years after he arrived it was accepted by the Commission on Accreditation in Law Enforcement. In 2009, the department was named a Flagship Agency by that same organization.


When I moved to Frederick, it was a “good ol’ boys” clique. It was not Dick Ashton’s fault; he joined the force as the first college graduate. When he became chief he inherited Harold and Barbara Domer, along with Pat O’Brien – all plotters and schemers against each other.


Mayor Paul Gordon hired Baltimore’s Ray Raffensberger and then the political mayhem began; he departed because of sex and racist scandals. I remember calling on “Deputy Mayor” Rick Weldon; when his boss, Jim Grimes, burst into the office. The mayor punched the wall, explaining he had just left Chief Raffensberger and Mr. Grimes was so frustrated; he took it out on the plaster.


When Jennifer Dougherty occupied City Hall’s top office, she brought in Kim Dine. He was smart and intelligent enough to let the plotters retire, before he began reorganization along professional lines. In time, he appointed Kevin Grubb whom I first met when he was an undercover rookie assigned to the drugs detail. I was impressed with his professionalism then. When looking around for Chief Dine’s replacement – as a longtime observer of the police department – I can suggest the Frederick-born and bred Grubb without hesitation.


The veteran law enforcement official should do well on the U.S. Capitol Police. The federal board let it be known the retired chief left behind some “political” problems, which may have been exactly why the members reached over to Frederick. By the way, the Dines will keep the house overlooking the tennis courts in Baker Park.


There are two personal links between the new Capitol Police chief and I enjoy. He went to work on the Metropolitan Police Force while my old friend Maurice John Joseph Cullinane was the head. “Cully” was from an Irish cop family. He had an uncle who was mounted out of the Third Precinct; the horse returned to the stable. His rider fell from the saddle; pushing his very tall helmet back, hitting his head and killing himself on the cobblestones that were then typical of the District paving.


Kim Dine’s father and brother are journalists, which forms the second tie. I’ve written how reporters and officers-on-the-beat are comrades-in-arms, two sides of the same coin. That was derived from my Washington experience and did not apply to Ray Raffensberger. Kim made the thesis valid again.


And Kevin Grubb upholds it…


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