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As Long as We Remember...

November 20, 2012

An Uncertain Future

Steve Gottlieb

November 6, 2012, started as a day full of anticipation and hope for change in the political course of the United States. After almost four years under the Obama regime, America had the opportunity to reaffirm those principles of government established by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution.


Conservative political pundits were predicting a victory for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. There were even some rumors that members of the Obama Administration were expecting a defeat.


There was good reason to think that Governor Romney might actually win the election, even if only by a slight margin. For three and a half years we witnessed unemployment over 8%, the Fast and Furious scandal, the murder of four Americans in Benghazi and subsequent cover-up, more people than ever on food stamps, and the catastrophic rise in the deficit to $16 trillion. That doesn’t take into account the monstrosity called Obamacare.


During President Barack Obama’s tenure, there are some other sideshows to add to his list of accomplishments as well. There are the numerous parties at the White House, the multitude of trips to Hawaii, the numerous rounds of golf, misuse of Secret Service agents for Valerie Jarrett; and – let’s not forget – Michelle Obama’s shopping trips and overseas sightseeing tours all at taxpayer expense. Let’s also not forget the off microphone comments made to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev about being more flexible once the election was over.


One thing for sure, President Obama is an overachiever (not meant as a compliment).


Yet with all those negatives as his only record of accomplishments, the president still won the election rather handily. It is too soon afterward for all the data to be analyzed and for definitive conclusions to be drawn. Although, based on the election results, there are some preliminary hypotheses that can be brought forward for discussion.


The politics of fear worked in President Obama’s favor, as did his divide and conquer strategy. We saw some of this when the president and his Democratic campaign machine lied to the country and told everyone Mitt Romney and Republicans wanted to do away with Medicare. Of course, that was not true and he neglected to mention his taking over $700 billion from Medicare to help pay for the implementation of Obamacare. He also worked to convince everyone that Governor Romney wanted to send jobs to China; another lie.


Continuing in the same vein, the president worked to divide the country along economic and racial lines. Actually, it seems like the Democratic Party wanted to label everyone and divide them into separate categories instead of bringing us together as Americans. Remember the 1% and the 99%? The whole idea being that one percent of the people controlled the majority of the wealth and did not pay its fair share of income taxes while everyone else carried the burden. This is blatantly false and can be proven by using the raw numbers provided by the Internal Revenue Service.


If someone disagreed with any of President Obama’s policies, or the direction in which he wanted to take the country, they were immediately attacked by the mainstream media and Democrat pundits as being racist. The Democrats even turned illegal immigration into an issue of race by stating that Republicans were anti-Hispanic.


Of course the Democrat hit-squad completely ignored the fact that people from all around the world are in the United States illegally and not just those from Hispanic countries. Democrats even turned the assault in Benghazi into a race issue when people questioned why Ambassador Susan Rice provided false information about the cause of the murder of four Americans.


The next hypothesis deals with about 80 years of people receiving government entitlements and their addiction to them. With more people on welfare than ever before, with more people on food stamps than ever before, and with the majority of our national budget going to support some form of government entitlement program, it is no wonder the politics of fear worked in the president’s favor. Once a candidate starts talking about reducing entitlement programs, people, who no longer know how to care for themselves, become afraid of losing all the free benefits to which they are addicted.


Don’t forget the people who unabashedly stated they were waiting for their Obama bucks and Obama phones. These are people who no longer know how to care for themselves and over a few generations of indoctrination believe the only way to survive is for the government to provide all their needs. They are like fish in a pond. They no longer know how to find their own food but just sit and wait to be fed. If no one comes to feed them, they just die. This is what the socialist policy of entitlement brought to our once self-reliant country.


These are just a few hypotheses about what happened on Election Day. The question is what does this mean for the future of our country. Some projections say that during the next four years our deficit will top $21 trillion. That type of spending is simply unsustainable. Eventually our economy will implode and for those who want to see what that will look like, just look at Greece.


We are already losing our influence in the world as a military superpower. The Middle East is unraveling and, within days of President Obama’s re-election, Hamas started attacking Israel with rockets. They are fairly confident the United States will do nothing more than talk about it.


So, what does all this mean? Our future is uncertain. Our once great country is now in decline. The government will control every facet of our lives and our children and grandchildren are unlikely to enjoy the life and freedoms we did.


On November 6, 2012, America may have reached its tipping point. America voted to fade into history as did other great civilizations before us.


Let us pray that is not the case and we can still regain our greatness.


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