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November 14, 2012

Hear This from an Angry, Old, White Democrat

Tom McLaughlin

I should say: “Now let us put our divisiveness behind us and move forward together. We are all Americans and need to cross the aisle with love and friendship, to compromise on the great challenges and move our beloved nation forward.


“Let us forgive the transgressions and animosities of the past four years moving step in step together. The election was a bitterly fought campaign; but, as Christianity tells us, we must exculpate and embrace our brother Republicans with an earnest hug.”


I should say all of that. I really should. But I’m not.


The Republican attacks were too vicious, too personal. The ridicule and disdain for women and their health was used as a Christian crusade to sweep aside anyone who stood in their way. If you were not with them, then you were heathen in league with Lucifer.


The unconscionable rejection of President Barack Obama’s directive to enact the Dream Act was an act against children. It’s the law! They screamed. Yet law without mercy is fascism.


For reasons I still cannot fathom, and believe me I have tried, they were against Obamacare. The idea of healthcare for all finally came to fruition, and they didn’t like it. No sir, not one bit.


However, the worst part of the campaign was the racism. Deep seated, visceral, ingrained and emotional hatred because of President Obama’s skin color. The seething inner turmoil churning just short of yelling the “N” word they probably frequently used in private. The T-shirts with the slogan “Put the white back in White House” were frequently seen at Republican rallies.


The problem is Mr. Romney saw the t-shirts. Mr. Ryan saw the t-shirts. And yet they committed the grievous sin of all, the sin of omission. They could have, at the very, very least, sent an aide over and told the persons to take them off.


The racists in the Republican Party knew, or they thought they knew, they had an ally in Mr. Romney because of the Mormon Church. They had the mistaken belief that because they thought the church hated blacks, Mr. Romney would also.


Mr. Romney did nothing to dissuade them of that opinion (I am giving Mr. Romney the benefit of the doubt because I liked his father and firmly believe he would not tolerate any racism in his family).


All along Democrats suspected who they were but really didn’t want to believe that any humans could stoop so low as to throw children out of the country, deny Americans healthcare, attack Iran, be against gay marriage, not allow women to have contraceptives, gut aid to disaster areas and on and on.


This evil needs to be rooted out of the Congress. The House of Representatives must be purged of these members who are against fundamental decency and morality.


The Democratic Central Committees in those districts where the worst of these brutes reside must not dismantle their election apparatus. Beginning now, they must work to oust these people in 2014. For those brave Democrats in a very strong Republican area with no hope of ever electing a Democrat, they need to encourage the Republicans to stand a moderate candidate in the primary.


The National Democratic Committee needs to target those 23 or so seats most likely to be defeated and then pump money to the central committees for campaign support. “23 Goodbye to Thee” should be the national slogan as they are targeted, nay, bulls eyed for defeat.


Then, Bull Dog Joe Biden needs to be unleashed and sent into those districts, first to rail against the representative and then give encouragement to the volunteers and staff of the Democratic Party. The vice president would need to make only one visit per month to each of the 23 over the next two years.


Yes, I am mad as hell, and I want the Republican Party to return to the loyal opposition needed by every democracy. If they won’t purge themselves, then Democrats need to do it for them.


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