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As Long as We Remember...

November 14, 2012

Memo: When in a Hole, Stop Digging

Kevin E. Dayhoff

Republicans ought to hang their heads in shame at the thought that since the beginning of the Great Recession in December 2007 every leader of the free world has failed to be returned to office except for the president of the United States, Barack Obama.


It is unbelievable, but true. Around the world, the leadership of Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Ireland has all been unceremoniously forced-out of office amid the current economic crisis.


Only in the United States did the opposition party reach-out and adroitly seize defeat from the jaws of victory.


Many were shell-shocked to go to bed on the night of the national election and realize that we must now endure four more Orwellian years of endless political demagoguery, demonization, finger pointing and scapegoating by a divisive, partisan, condescending, and arrogant president.


If you are anxious to rationalize and agonize over the resounding defeat of the Republican Party at the ballot box November 6, look well past the cracked-mirror with which much of the party narcissistically and faithfully gazes at their navel and drools.


Let’s begin by not blaming the Republican challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.


And don’t credit the Democrats, or their core base of support, the major liberal media, for running an intellectual,thoughtful, and compelling campaign about why President Obama ought to be given another four years in office.


Much of the Democrat apparatchik’s campaign was based on crude negative populist scapegoating that identified Republicans and Governor Romney as depraved, morally bankrupt, money-grubbing sociopaths.


For that matter, the Republican campaign was not much better.


According to Washington Post political writer Chris Cillizza, who wrote about the results of the exit polls the evening of the election: “Roughly 6 in 10 voters said that the economy was the top issue deciding their vote. Of that group, Romney is taking 52 percent to 46 percent. If this election is a straight referendum on the economy, then these numbers look very good for Romney. But it may not be just that.…”


So, how in the world did the Republican Party lose the election?


To begin with, the focus of the Republican Party could be best described as suffering from attention deficit disorder. The party was constantly distracted by anything and everything besides the three core issues of the 2012 presidential election: the economy, the economy and oh, that’s right, the economy.


Political commentator Ann Coulter recently blurted-out: “No one can be blamed for the hurricane that took the news off the election, abruptly halting Romney's momentum, but Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock can be blamed on two very specific people: Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock.


“The last two weeks of the campaign were consumed with discussions of women’s ‘reproductive rights,’ not because of anything Romney did, but because these two idiots decided to come out against abortion in the case of rape and incest… these purist grandstanders came along and announced insane positions with no practical purpose whatsoever…


“It was the same thing with purist libertarian Barry Goldwater, who – as you will read in my book, ‘Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the Seventies to Obama, nearly destroyed the Republican Party with his pointless pursuit of libertarian perfection in his vote against the 1964 Civil Rights Act…”


“Romney was the perfect candidate,” opined Ms. Coulter the day after the election. “(H)e was the president this country needed right now. It's less disheartening that a president who wrecked American healthcare, quadrupled gas prices, added $6 trillion to the national debt and gave us an 8 percent unemployment rate can squeak out re-election than that America will never have Romney as our president.”


Meanwhile, Mr. Cillizza additionally noted in the exit polling: “President Obama is winning women, who comprise 53 percent of the overall electorate, by 10 points… Young voters are coming out – big time. At the moment, 18-29-year-olds comprise 19 percent of the electorate and Obama is winning them by 22 points…


“Republicans have a major Hispanic problem. Latinos are 10 percent of all voters nationwide and Obama is winning them by almost 40 — yes 4-0 – points. Given the growth in the Latino population over the past decade, Republicans simply can’t afford to lose the Hispanic vote that badly and remain a viable national party.”


Ms. Coulter observed: “We have a country to save. And just as the laws of elections generally mean the incumbent president wins, they also mean the party out of the White House typically stages a big comeback in midterm elections. BIG. Don't blow it with purist showoffs next time, Republicans.”


Perhaps there is no better time for the old and out-of-step Republican leadership to step aside and stop worrying about whom people sleep with, what language they speak and butting into a relationship between a woman, her doctor, and God.


Please explain to me – no, better yet – explain to a more-often-than-not conservative Hispanic with an excellent work ethic and strong family values, why Big Government should interfere with their personal lives and tell them what language to speak?


Or, why Big Government should make medical decisions for a young woman?


Or, tell a young unemployed college graduate living in the basement and unable to buy a house, who they can sleep with or marry.


Why the hell is any of this any of our business – especially while the country is falling apart, people in foreign lands want to kill us and the White House is being re-occupied by a socialist.


The Republican Party is currently trying to extricate itself from a political tar pit of its own making. It is sad to see the party wallow around like a bellowing sick mastodon. Take a memo, when in a hole – stop digging. Take personal responsibility. It might be time for the leadership of the Republican Party to refocus its message.


. . . . .I’m just saying. . . . .


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