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As Long as We Remember...

November 13, 2012

Obama Didn't Win

Roy Meachum

Barack Obama didn’t win. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lost. The combination turned voters off. Vice President Joe Biden’s name on the ticket verified the chief executive was a true Democrat, despite his color.


There have been stories this week that Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan were shocked by the voting count. Their wives reportedly cried over the final tallies. I’m flatly astonished. All surveys and poles going into November 6 stated the incumbents would win. In several aftermath pieces, the key to the incredulous reactions was explained. As white males, they turned off all speculations that they made them uncomfortable.


A week ago, several writers pointed out, was Custer’s Last Stand for traditional politics: among the other successful Democrat U.S. Senate candidates was Tammy Baldwin, an avowed lesbian. Maryland’s Question 6, permitting same-sex marriages, might stand for the change in this country.


“Non-whites made up 28 percent of the electorate this year,” the Associated Press reported, “compared with 20 percent in 2000. Much of the growth is coming from Hispanics…Republican Mitt Romney won 59 percent of non-Hispanic whites.”


Non-married ladies, of all ethnicities, responded to the GOP’s alleged “war on women” by giving the president 67 percent; Mr. Romney snagged 31 percent. Unmarried men didn’t approach those numbers; they responded by voting for Mr. Obama 56 percent vs. 40 percent for the Republican slate that grabbed the clear majority of older citizens, of all races. Although it should be pointed out the black, Hispanic and Asian segments of the population tend to be much younger.


Karl Rove leads the nation in obduracy, insisting assorted candidates let down the party. The former George W. Bush’s adviser had to say something to the donors who contributed $300 million to his Super PAC, among them Sheldon Adelson. The Las Vegas billionaire was responsible for Illinois Sen. Charles Percy‘s defeat and caused Frederick Sen. “Mac” Mathias to withdraw. Mr. Adelson has long been a force for radical conservatism. He supported Newt Gingrich in the primaries.


It turns out that evangelical Christians voted for Latter Day Saint Romney in spite of sundry prophecies about his status as a Mormon. Since they congregate in the South, racism is more important than their fervent religion. I wrote the day after the election that Ole Miss’s campus exploded when Mr. Obama won – another college in Virginia did the same.


As readers know, I thought anti-black prejudice was behind the bitter campaign against the African-American Barack Obama, which started before he was elected; it came to full voice when he was inaugurated and built during his first four years in the White House. There was always a timber of desperation in the opposition.


In the last week, several corporations laid off or curtailed hours for employees, claiming the prospect of higher taxes was responsible. As it is, upon its return the Congress faces a financial crisis. Speaker John Boehner voices willingness to compromise. All money bills must originate in the House of Representatives that remain under GOP domination. The prospect is more taxes for everyone, which led to the high votes against the GOP national slate. Incumbents in the lower congressional house continue to serve because of personal ties with the electorate.


The next months before the president’s second inauguration should prove turbulent. After that, Republican senators can filibuster; Democrats picking up 52 seats, even with the help of two independents, cannot shut off those who insist on speaking.


The GOP faces the necessity of change, although all involved cannot face reality. Their national candidates fell because of promulgations that voters rejected.



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