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As Long as We Remember...

November 6, 2012

…and here’s another country heard from…

Farrell Keough

Today is our opportunity to make our voices heard – in Maryland, that is truly meaningful! <insert sarcastic comment here >


So, how about some simplistic prognostication for review tomorrow when all the votes are counted? As usual, we will start at the top and move all around the place. Romney wins – not all of our first choice, but much better than the alternative of four more years of the Obama Administration policies.


Now for the comedy.


As noted by Blair Lee in The Gazette newspaper, there is a strong chance that the Maryland electoral votes will go to Romney!


“All attempts to amend the Constitution in favor of a nationwide popular vote system have failed. So, our geniuses in Annapolis concocted a backdoor effort to abolish the Electoral College.


In 2009, the Maryland legislature and Gov. Martin O’Malley enacted a law that awards Maryland’s 10 electoral votes to whichever candidate wins the nationwide popular vote, not the candidate who wins Maryland. And now, according to the polls, there’s a good chance that Mitt Romney may become the Al Gore of 2012, winning the popular vote but losing the electoral vote.”


Don’t you just love the single party of Maryland and the hubris shown in Annapolis? Wouldn’t it be wonderful of Maryland went for former Massachusetts Governor Romney under this scenario?


Alright, the Congress will shift toward Republicans – which means the House will keep or increase their stronghold and the Senate will finally see some long needed change occur. We may not see this in Maryland to the extent we see this across the nation. In fact, we may lose a seat in the House, (Roscoe Bartlett) and the only Senate possibility is with Dan Bongino (a truly remarkable man!).


Our Board of Education is in desperate need of one last shift – we accomplished tremendous change in the last election with Jimmy Reeder, Brad Young, and April Miller. Now we need to see Tony Chmelik and Colleen Cusimano voted into that board. Any other candidate will be a member of the status quo.


The various judges will likely get in – these are votes that should get a No. These are the people who hold the legal authority in our system, yet have little to no accountability.


Now for our Constitutional Amendment questions – Numbers 1 and 2 are somewhat in the weeds. Very basically, should existing openings for Orphans Court judges now require a law degree to hold that position in Baltimore and Prince George’s counties? Our nation was never meant to be one that separated the people from the law – but we most certainly are now. Want to slow down that progress?  Vote No on Question 1 & 2.


Question 3 is an odd one. Having spent a significant amount of time with another of our writers (Jill King) discussing the pro’s and con’s of this question, it has been our determination that the intent of this Constitutional Amendment was generally honest, but the application is so severely flawed it should not be passed.


At present, those in Annapolis cannot be tossed out of office for breaking the law – the intent of this Amendment was to remedy that. Unfortunately, the nastiness of politics and the lawmakers do not yield this amendment worthy to be passed. We have already seen elected officials (Democrats) take a beating for not towing the hold on issues like Same Sex Marriage and this amendment will be used to tighten the screws on people even further.


The easy Questions are 4 through 7 – simply vote No. If you don’t know about these questions, you have not been listening, and it is too late. The Dream Act, Congressional Districting, Same Sex Marriage, and the Gaming Expansion have been spoken to, written about, commercialized to death. If you are unaware of the issues – don’t vote.


Finally, our Fredrick County ballot contains a vote for or against charter government – Question A. Charter has been a topic of promotion in these columns since 2007. Is this charter perfect? Nah – but it can be altered – similar to our constitution. The right constructs are in this charter document to make our county ready for the maturity we have met over the years. It will separate the powers – Legislative and Executive – and will allow for stability in our county, something we have not seen in the last few election cycles.


So, enjoy your day and your opportunity to vote! Tomorrow we all may be crying or ready to see some real change in this nation.


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