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As Long as We Remember...

November 5, 2012

How Liberals Win Elections

Steven R. Berryman

Liberals win elections by frustrating the electorate into complacency. When it’s all you can do to drag yourself to the poll, you’ve missed the point!


Get energized now.


Winners do an inventory of everyone they come into contact with; anyone who will listen to your influence: your neighbors, family, co-workers, and especially new voters and the elderly, who need a helping hand just to physically vote. Help them.


Start by forwarding them this column, and encourage them to vote their conscience as opposed to not voting at all; when they consider how the last four years have gone, and if they want four more of the same. They could be conservative Mitt Romney voters. “I’m not voting because these guys are all the same” is tantamount to a vote this year for continued socialist trends. Is that what you want? Do they get this?


Recently I’ve been in a pitched-battle with old Tea Party friends on whether to vote or not. You remember the Tea Party; they were the activists that first opposed more taxation and then opposed Obamacare more than three years ago. The group disassociated itself from memberships, and never coalesced into cohesive central leadership.


The Tea Party was successfully demonized by fake stunts like the alleged spitting incident, later debunked, and by media bias, consistently low-counting crowds at rallies and focusing film on the zaniest dressed of the membership. Fringe groups such as “birthers” were lumped-in and were highlighted to make the effort look bad.


In retrospect, The Tea Party was too white, too old, and too retired. But then, this class of American does comprise much of the activism potential, as blacks are peer pressured out of politics in many cases. The old do have the time (and care dearly about the future of their children and grandchildren), and the retired want to work on their legacy.


Many others would care more about politics, elections, and who actually runs if they were not so bogged-down feeding their families in the Great Recession without end. This administration is “keeping the man down,” by actually extending our pain through their policy, and that man is you.


Barack Obama’s energy policy alone has caused Inflation at the gas pump enough to wipe out your food and medicine budget these last four years. In the name of Green Energy, for God sakes?? At what cost? Keeping solvent in the present should be the priority; alas we got sold the social agenda.


Quislings in the political arena, stumping for liberal agenda include:


·        The AARP, which admitted it was basically an insurance company and sold out to cash from Obamacare. Today they pretend to be non-partisan! Not.


·        The Trial Lawyers Association and American Dental Association sold out, in order to get benefits of being left out of Obamacare strings.


·        The Old World (Legacy) journalism monoliths buried anything that would embarrass the Obama Administration at all for the last four years; now they are buoyed by the campaign ad windfall. Now the controlling media is no longer mainstream; it is fully partisan, fully invested in Obama II.


·        The National Organization for Women: Its recent convention featured a table for Socialist Party information, and the table next to them featured volunteers for President Obama. How women can be anticipated to endorse the anti-family/pro-abortion Candidate Obama is beyond the pale.


On the other end of the spectrum, groups expected to turn out heavily for former Massachusetts Governor Romney have been stuffed: The military absentee ballots have been discouraged, and a presumed 30,000 ballots were mysteriously “lost in a plane crash.”


So, liberals are now out in force, demonizing Governor Romney, even for donating his campaign bus to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort, and for promoting a food bank by participating.


Governor Romney is a professional businessman and learned the economy and business acumen in the real world. He’s had a real job outside of radical activism. Would you rather be governed by a Constitution-loving business leader, or a lame duck president who has no track record, even of endorsing American Exceptionalism?


They demonize Governor Romney because there is no positive message to get out at this late date. The last four years cannot be emphasized without exasperation. Reminders include Solyndra, Benghazi, failed “stimulus,” trillions of dollars in additional debt, and failure to even get Congress to pass a budget. Do we want more of that?


“The man” playing on his tablet in the White House is not the uniter he promised to be. He’s not the “communicator” (even with a teleprompter). He’s not ushered in a “new era of post-partisan or post-racial politics.” 2008 promises were broken.


When liberals win, you lose. When you don’t vote, you lose.


No (not four) more years!


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