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November 2, 2012

Why Mitt?

Joe Charlebois

Mitt Romney is the right choice this election. Last week I spelled out in detail why President Barack Obama should not be re-elected to another term. This week I follow up with reasons one should strongly consider voting for Mr. Romney.


The former Massachusetts governor has a plan for economic recovery. He intends to unleash the American entrepreneurial spirit that has lain dormant for over five years.


He will do this by repealing Obamacare – the federal government’s control of healthcare nationally. He will return the control of one-sixth of the economy. Healthcare decisions will be made by the individual policy holder. Competition would be encouraged, states would be empowered, and consumer choice would be enhanced, all while ensuring coverage for those at risk.


He will ease the tax burden on small business owners. Business tax rates, which currently are set at 35%, would be lowered to 25%. This will make America an attractive place in which to start or relocate business. Tax rates would be lowered in an across-the-board cut in the marginal rates by 20%. This means Americans would have more “take home pay.”


He will reduce the level of federal government spending to 20 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Current spending levels are at least 25% of GDP and the highest since World War II.


Mr. Romney proposes to unleash individual states to move forward with energy production both onshore and offshore. Untapped natural resources are currently waiting to be tapped throughout the United States. States like Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and Virginia, among others, currently hold the key to the future of our nation’s energy independence. The current administration has consistently stood in the way of fossil fuel production including the mining of coal – the most important source of electric power in the United States.


Mr. Romney has also pledged to restore our hollowing military to a ready status. He realizes that our country needs to upgrade for modern warfare. He plans to project strength through increasing the size of the Navy to levels required to carry out missions throughout the world.


Governor Romney is a proven leader. He has been a successful businessman. As a turnaround expert, he stepped in when the Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games were on the verge of failure; and, not only saved them, but possibly the future of the Olympic Games themselves. He has served successfully as governor of Massachusetts leaving the state better than he when he took office.


He is a decisive leader and will not fail to act when called upon, no matter the political risk.


Voting for Mr. Romney is the right choice because – as he stated in the second debate – “We deserve better than this.”


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