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October 31, 2012

Romney’s Vision for America: A Prophecy

Tom McLaughlin

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney firmly believes he can change the economy. He knows his methods will bring a turn around and launch America onto a course of prosperity and growth. He is convinced that by putting into place his knowledge and experience from his business practices America will emerge stronger.


Like the companies he transformed at his business, America must go through a period of pain and reorganization. He privately concedes there will be a time of upheaval as government programs and regulations withdraw. Unemployment must increase until the business structure settles into the new opportunities, as the former government entities are taken over and managed by them.


Competition will determine the new market place. Like the model at Bain Capital, some companies will grow rapidly, others will fail, and well established organizations explore and then withdraw from new ventures. The oil giants will prevail as they already have an infrastructure. Some companies will be squeezed out of the market because people will not have the funds for the luxury goods they sell.


Trade and relations with China will be disrupted because of the imaginary belief that business plays by a set series of rules and regulations accepted by the Chinese. The idea that a balancing act must be maintained with the Asian giant will be scrapped in favor of empty threats and blustering. The Chinese, if pushed, could call for some of – or all of – their debt.


Mr. Romney will withhold block grants to states that do not make abortion much more difficult to obtain. He will claim a religious justification; however, business is the real reason. Those who have a family are much more compliant to their employers. Having gone through a period of economic instability, most people will accept lower wages, reduced – if any – healthcare benefits in order to keep their jobs. With the safety net destroyed, workers must accept the dictates of their employers.


Block grants will also be withheld from states that have approved gay unions. In order to promote marriage, tax and health benefits will be offered. However, gay marriage threatens this model because if they marry, then they will be able to take advantage of the offers costing employers. They also do not reproduce thus depriving business of the psychological advantage of keeping the worker compliant.


Solar, wind and other forms of alternative energy will be ignored because they do not make a profit. Only those sources of fuel where immediate gain can be acquired will be advanced. To promote energy independence, federal lands will be leased to corporations that will be able to extract oil or gas. There will be jobs available; however, they will be of the minimum wage variety. The profits will be cycled into the companies enabling them to pay a substantial dividend while other monies will be used for further explorations.


The defense budget will increase by a trillion or so dollars. The reason is often cited as Middle East intervention. However, the troops will be needed to restore order to those who voted for Barack Obama, plus those who realized they made a mistake casting their ballot for Mr. Romney. The upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s will pale compared to the resulting chaos. Those who can find work will be paid a low wage because of high unemployment. This period will probably last a short time as the Army will put down the insurrection.


Mr. Romney, as he did with companies he helped, firmly believes the “end justifies the means.” A stronger, more economically viable, America will emerge from his revolution. There will be no place for any organization that does not produce a profit.


This is Mr. Romney’s vision for America. Should Republicans take the Senate, the programs, or destruction thereof, will begin immediately after Inauguration Day 2013, which will be a bad luck year for most people, as the numbers suggests.


However, I am an optimist. I believe many, many Republicans, my fellow countrymen, will walk into the voting booth fully intending to mark their ballot for Mr. Romney. They will stop, pause and reflect. Then they will vote for President Obama.


He will win by comfortable margin.


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