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October 31, 2012

Is the ride over?

Norman M. Covert

If a man’s greatness is measured in the number of his enemies, then George W. Bush must be the most powerful man ever to inhabit the White House. He must top Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves and tried, until his tragic assassination, to heal the nation’s wounds inflicted in the Civil War.


Mr. Bush has been blamed for much that has gone wrong the past four years – that is the failed experiment called Barack Obama. A groundswell of voters thrust Mr. Obama into office on faith, just as was the presentation of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Is it possible we were hoodwinked?


I expect Mr. Bush to be blamed for Frankenstorm Sandy. It was, however, Mr. Obama who predicted at his inauguration to lower rising sea levels and right our planet from its path of environmental destruction.


It is the ultimate cheek for the legion of bureaucratic and media apologists to provide cover for Mr. Obama. He must be held responsible for the multitude of stumbles and fumbles.


Will voters hold him accountable for driving us over the fiscal cliff, our huge debt and allowing a second “Nine-Eleven” by Islamic terrorists?


Will voters remember their continued rejection of Obamacare; the failed Chevrolet Volt; millions of our dollars squandered on failing solar engineering and manufacturing companies; and destruction of America’s thriving coal industry?


Concerning September 11, 2012, would the White House dare to hint that Mr. Bush bears some culpability (“J’accuse” — Emile Zola) for that diplomatic, military and political disaster? Ambassador Christopher Stevens, former U. S. Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty and technician Sean Smith were murdered by terrorists.


All we get from the White House is what amounts to the Mafiosi tenet “Omerta,” the vow of silence.


Our consulate was left defenseless as hordes of al-Qaeda’s radical Islamists assaulted the compound with military small arms, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. Seven weeks later the president continues to invent excuses.


Is there any significance that U. S. Army Gen. Carter Ham, commander of U. S. Africa Command, was reassigned by news release October 18, 2012? It is the president and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s prerogative to replace military commanders, but with General Ham’s stellar record at AFRICOM, the circumstances reek of him being fired.


During the attack, according to “an unimpeachable source,” General Ham was told to “stand down” and not send help to the beleaguered Americans in Benghazi. He apparently heard the radio traffic and understood the urgency. When he decided to alert the troops he was informed apparently by his chief of staff that he was relieved of his command.


The Obama Yellow Brick Road has as many pot holes in it as Washington’s main thoroughfares, especially those leading to the White House. Mr. Obama appears as confused as Toto the dog when the fearsome Flying Monkeys of the Wicked Witch of the West swirled around Dorothy on the way to the Land of Oz.


The Obama Administration, like the nation’s and world’s economy, is hanging on by a thread. Mr. Obama’s mainstream media apologists are confused, wondering what to do about the wagon to which they hitched their mules. Rock bottom television and radio ratings and failure of such publications as Newsweek show the public’s negative response to leftist advocacy journalism.


Those supporting the election of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are blatantly called “racists,” a ludicrous assertion. Their eyes have not lied to them. What an insult to Americans coast-to-coast, who are jumping on the Romney/Ryan election groundswell.


Those who cling to the fairy tale of hope and change seem to be looking for a place to hide. They risk joining this writer being accused of racial bigotry – not common sense – for demanding the president be held accountable.


We wrote in this space in September that several hundred military veterans at a national convention expressed their displeasure of Mr. Obama, an unscientific, but eye-opening 98 percent disapproval rating. We mentioned the approximately 400,000 Maryland veterans, a majority of whom will not forego voting in this election.


Veterans know the significance of the president’s failure to send help to the consulate in Benghazi. His braggadocio about killing Osama bin Laden has fallen on deaf ears. Korea, Vietnam and Gulf War veterans cling to the long-standing mission to never leave a comrade behind, to answer the call for assistance.


President Roosevelt kept faith with Gen. Anthony McAuliffe and his 101st Airborne during the World War II siege of Bastogne, Belgium, in late December 1944. He granted full powers to the commanders on the ground to beat back the German invaders in the Battle of the Bulge.


President John F. Kennedy took responsibility for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba, but then stood firm against the Soviet Union when it attempted to place intercontinental ballistic missiles on the Caribbean island.


President Lyndon Johnson didn’t prevent Gen. William C. Westmoreland from sending in massive military assets to protect our Marines at Khe San in 1968. LBJ in fact kept track of the 77-day siege with a sand-table mockup in his office.


President Jimmy Carter tried to rescue 53 American Embassy personnel being held hostage by the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini in April 1968. The vaunted Delta Force rescue mission failed and was dubbed, “The Desert Debacle.” His presidency was a failure, but Mr. Carter was ultimately a man of duty and honor as commander-in-chief.


Mr. Obama apparently didn’t try to help his fellow Americans! He has not measured up since Mr. Bush galloped off into the Western sunset.


Here’s hoping it is “Happy Trails.”


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