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October 30, 2012

One More Week

Roy Meachum

Next Tuesday – God willing – the nation goes to the polls. In all my years, this has been the strangest political year ever. I don’t recall so many employers trying to tell their employees to vote for the Republican slate – and bathing in the publicity.


The surveys show President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney neck and neck, depending on whom and how many show-up. 2012 will go down in history as the year racial prejudice so much figured in the results. A recent poll shows there are more people that exhibit animosity toward African-Americans, as in 2008, when Barack Obama first tried for the White House. Being from the Deep South, I recognized the indices early.


Over the weekend the movies All The President’s Men and Fair Game showed on DirecTV’s channels; the first is famous and deals with the Watergate burglary, and the second treats the shameful incident when CIA covert agent Valerie Plame was illegally “outed.” George W. Bush’s henchman Karl Rove was the source; the fall guy was “Scooter” Libby, who was convicted, sentenced and pardoned by President Bush. Ms. Plame was caught up in the fabrications that brought America to war in Iraq. Her husband, a former ambassador, wrote a New York Times article that contradicted the administration and its propaganda.


Seeing the Watergate burglary film made me dream that night of The Washington Post, where I had my first job after the Army. Reporters Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who came later, exposed the cover-up scenario by Richard M. Nixon, his top aides, Attorney General John Mitchell and all the administration. They all went to jail, except Mr. Nixon. They intended a coup against the Constitution that effectively would dictate America’s future.


George W. Bush did not offer his resignation; he served out his two terms won by fear and intimidation. Thousands were killed and many more wounded because of a plot that poured profits into national corporations, in favor with the Oval Office.


Both Mr. Nixon and Mr. Bush were Republicans and that political party has poisoned the 2012 elections. I’m surprised many of my “bright” friends have been taken in. I blame it on prejudice against the president’s race combined with the GOP desperate yearning to recapture the White House. I don’t know how to explain it otherwise.


If Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan capture Washington at the polls, I expect my Medicare expense will soar and their projected program for taxes will wipe out the middle class, leaving those whose annual income tops $250,000 in charge. As an aging veteran, I don’t consider myself as a victim; I’ve earned benefits from my government. I’ve paid for Social Security since 1936, when my mother secured a number for the new system. I was delivering The Saturday Evening Post, a now defunct magazine.


In the manner of the French journalist in the infamous Dreyfus case, I “accuse” the modern Republicans of devolving into a party that cares nothing about the average American, particularly if the skin is darker. If I could, I would throw up a barricade to keep the GOP out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


In one week, I will certainly vote for the Democratic ticket. There is no choice for a man who cares about men, women, children and animals, especially my six-year-old Weimaraner.


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