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October 26, 2012

Did you get the change you wanted?

Joe Charlebois

Who do you trust? Who do you trust to lead our nation for the next four years?  Do you trust President Barack Obama or Gov. Mitt Romney?


Based on the president’s economic record and lack of honesty, it is Mr. Obama who Americans can’t trust. The president promised to take a weak economy and turn it around. He promised low unemployment rates. He promised economic growth. He promised to cut the national debt in half. He promised to heal our relationships throughout the world. He promised to be the most transparent White House in history.


He has failed on all of these promises; so how is it that he can now claim to have earned our trust. By what standard should we return him to the White House for an additional four years?


Trust is on the president's mind. Recently he has changed his stump speech away from his own failing record to one of trust. He has moved away from economic issues and has started to attack Mr. Romney personally. He is attempting to cast doubt into the minds of voters as to whether or not Mr. Romney can be trusted. He is following the lead of Vice President Joe Biden. Mr. Biden’s best moment of the vice-presidential debate earlier this month was when he turned to the camera and asked: “Who do you trust?”


Our economy is suffering from the slowest recovery in the last 70 years. Since the recession began nearly 60 months ago, the percentage of non-farm payroll jobs has dropped 3.4%. This is the only recession since 1960 that has seen a negative change in employment numbers over the first 55 months.


When the president took office, White House estimates projected that unemployment would fall from the 7.8% to 5.5% by the end of his first term if the stimulus package was passed. The rate instead skyrocketed to 10% in the fall of 2010.


Current economic growth numbers from the Department of Commerce indicate that first and second quarter growth this year were 2.0% and 1.3% respectively. In order for the country to recover and create the jobs that recent college graduates are seeking, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth needs to at least double current levels.


This past summer the national debt exceeded $16 trillion, nearly half in just the past four years. The voters of 2008 were told by then Illinois Senator Obama that President George W. Bush was immoral and unpatriotic for allowing the debt to rise to such high levels. Instead of trimming the budget, the president approved record deficit spending.


Can our allies trust him? The president has revealed his disdain for Israel and his fear of Russia. He has been caught with a “hot mic” while in a conversation with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy mocking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is our strongest and most important ally in the Middle East. He has also been caught speaking with former Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stating that he can’t negotiate freely with Russian President Vladimir Putin until after the election, when he will have the political flexibility to do so.


When it comes to the promises of transparency and honesty, the president has left us disappointed. The recent terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya, have proved to be the ultimate factor in losing the American peoples trust. The White House, which was kept apprised of the ongoing attack chose to sacrifice the lives of four Americans for political expediency.


After just two hours it was clear through emails from the scene that this was a coordinated attack on a diplomatic mission. The White House, in fear of losing what they deemed a key to is re-election bid, sent out Press Secretary Jay Carney to lie to America.


Days later the White House sent U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice to the Sunday news programs to blame the attacks on an anti-Islamic YouTube video. Worst of all, the president inferred in his speech to the United Nations that the video was somehow responsible for the attacks.


It is now obvious that these were false and misleading stories designed to protect the narrative that al Qaeda is on the run and that the president's Middle East policy has succeeded.


He promised up hope, and hope is nearly all we are left with. If his record and recent history are any indication, it is Mr. Obama you can’t trust.


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