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October 25, 2012

Four more years? Are you kidding?

Patricia A. Kelly

In a little less than two weeks, the presidential election will be over. We wait with both trepidation and anticipated relief.


Barring huge national or global drama, it’s all over but a few more ads and some voting.


In the debates, both candidates had a lot to say about themselves and plenty of criticism of each other. In case you haven’t guessed from prior columns, here is how I see it.


I really like Mitt Romney. I even voted for him in the 2008 Republican primary. (I will, of course, be bragging about this if he wins the election.) He is intelligent, committed, consistent, moral and a superb businessman. He believes in the American dream that I grew up believing in. He believes and plans to continue to strive for American exceptionalism. As rare as it is in the real world, he believes that the Unites States should live by its principles. I’m an idealist. That stirs my soul.


President Barack Obama has a lot of good things to say about himself and his plans and accomplishments. He says he loves America and really cares about the people. He has a record, though, and it’s not so good.


He says he knows how to get the economy moving upward, and that we should give him four more years to finish what he started. In four years, he hasn’t started much, though. We have 23 million people under or unemployed or who have stopped looking for work. Middle class income is down by $4,300 per year per family. We, who owed $10 trillion in 2008, due, in my view to some very poor judgment by the George W. Bush Administration, now owe $16 trillion, due to some very poor judgment on the part of the Obama Administration. Our economy is growing at a slower rate each year.


To paraphrase Mitt Romney’s comment from Monday’s debate that we can’t kill our way out of our troubles in the Middle East, we can’t spend our way out of debt. Yes, I actually believe that, if you leave people the hell alone, they’ll try to find a way to make money. If they did that enough, with a little government insistence on fairness, the economy would recover.


If President Obama is re-elected, we may get a new healthcare plan through the government, but it will take our healthcare system even closer to collapse, as it doesn’t take aim at the rampant waste, redundant testing, staffing issues, or painful and excessive end of life care; but rather it takes a cheap shot at providers. How little do you think providers will accept as pay for their work and level of responsibility?


President Obama, while assuring us that Governor Romney’s five point plan doesn‘t add up, offers as a solution increasing taxes on the top one percent of the earners in our country. I know, even from within my own family, how easy it is for a wealthy person to find legal ways to avoid paying more taxes than absolutely necessary. If you check population statistics in states which have tried this, you will find the number of wealthy people has decreased. They’re not about to come up with $16 trillion, unless it‘s by building more companies!


Our president says he supports increased manufacturing in the U.S. In fact, it has decreased during his term. He favored a Pacific Trade Agreement that ended preference for companies manufacturing on our shores, leaving foreign companies on a level playing field with our own.


As for foreign policy, our president did take out Osama bin Laden. If you’re not tired of hearing that, you haven’t had your television on in the past six months. Through drone strikes, an excellent means of fighting individual terrorists, he has taken out a significant number of al Qaeda leaders.


On the other hand, we have borrowed large sums of money from several foreign countries. Our debt, just as occurred in Europe a couple of years ago, has outstripped our gross national product. This weakens us so much in the world that it is a recipe for disaster.


In the Middle East, our president has distanced himself from the Israeli cause, unwittingly encouraging its enemies, such as Iran, to consider aggression against Israel. He fell in love with Israel again only during the campaign.


We have failed to get it that the “Arab Spring” was a true attempt to obtain freedom from oppressive leaders, spreading from country to country via social networking. While we have diddled around, there has been plenty of opportunity for Islamic extremists to infiltrate the ranks of the true revolutionaries, reducing any chance for legitimate, free governments in these countries.


On one hand, we did pretty well with Libya, but made a huge error in failing to defend the Benghazi consulate, in spite of the ambassador’s request, and attempted to shift blame onto that ridiculous movie clip defaming the prophet Mohammad. Then, as if enough Middle Easterners hadn’t seen it, we spread it around Pakistan with an apology ad.


It’s my prediction that the Obama Administration will get around to wrapping up its investigation of the Libyan murders some time after the election. And they blame others for politicizing it!


President Obama accuses Governor Romney of attempting to repeat old, failed policies in his plan to improve both out economy and our foreign relationships.


In fact, the errors of the Bush Administration, in going to war in both Iraq and Afghanistan, in spending and borrowing beyond our means, and in carelessly bailing out financial institutions guilty of fraud, do not reflect true conservative policies or their likely impact on our future.


I see ads every day accusing the Romney/Ryan ticket of being responsible for everything from decreasing security at our foreign embassies to taking medicine out of grandma’s mouth, to wanting to destroy the American auto industry. It’s a crock.


We may not know for sure how things will go with a Romney presidency, but we do know what kind of man he is. And we certainly know all too well what another Obama Administration means.


Please vote for Mitt Romney for President.


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