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October 25, 2012

The Real Independent/Conservative

Zachary Peters

As we near the end of the campaign cycle, we’ve seen a late surge in the U.S. Senate race in Maryland by an “Independent’ candidate known as Rob Sobhani.


Unlike incumbent Ben Cardin, or Republican nominee Dan Bongino who has been campaigning for almost two years, Mr. Sobhani has waltzed in at the 11th hour with a pocket full of cash in an attempt to buy the seat.


Who is this Rob Sobhani anyway? He is the CEO of Caspian Group Holdings, a big energy company that does a lot of business in the Middle East. According to him, he was fortunate enough to “hit the jackpot” this year in business, allowing him to buy his way into the race.


From paying random people to gather signatures to get him on the ballot, to buying millions of dollars in media ads, Mr. Sobhani has sunk more money into the campaign in these last few months then both Senator Cardin and Mr. Bongino combined from the start.


Don’t be fooled by Mr. Sobhani’s claim of “independence.” He has been a part of those evil political parties up until last year when he realized he’d have a better chance of winning as a so-called “independent.” Don’t forget about his failed attempts at the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in 1992 and again in 2000.


A colleague of mine said it best, driving through Frederick, Towson, and other major cities in our state. It appears that the only thing Mr. Sobhani is “declaring his independence” from is the signage laws. In a weak attempt of exposure, Candidate Sobhani has littered the streets and right-of-ways with numerous illegally placed signs, likely put there by people being paid by his campaign.


To further prove Mr. Sobhani’s incompetence for political office, he can’t seem to make up his mind on the Dream Act. On October 19th, he was all for this legislation, yet said the current immigration law needs to be enforced. Suddenly, to appeal to both sides, he went on the Pat McDonough show on WCBM radio a few days ago and voiced opposition to this legislation. This shows what Mr. Sobhani is all about. He’ll do whatever he can to get this seat, even if it means lying – or flip flopping – to pander for votes from both sides of the aisle.


Mr. Sobhani, quite frankly, is a joke. He’s nothing more than a rich want-to-be politician, who thinks he can buy his way into Washington. Dan Bongino is the real independent in the Senate race, who has shown his courage, adaptability, and strength by giving up his career, basically his life, to run for Senate and unseat our liberal “friend” Ben Cardin.


Senator Cardin has been in office for 45 years, receiving his first elected position while he was still in law school. Rob Sobhani is a wealthy man whose solution to problems is to throw money at them (he’d fit in great in Washington). The clear choice is obviously Mr. Bongino.


Candidate Bongino is an outsider who will change government from the outside in. He’s truly a man of the people, living in a modest middle class home, with a modest middle class lifestyle.


He’s not a career politician; he’s not a wealthy energy executive; he’s just a father, small business owner, former Secret Service agent, and the man we need to represent us in Washington.


I fear for the future of our nation and for the future of our state. Ben Cardin has proven his lack of leadership in an abysmal 45-year political career. Why should we give him another four years? Let him take his fat pension, paid for by our tax dollars, and retire already.


We need someone new with fresh ideas to represent us in our nation’s capitol, and that doesn’t mean a fake “Independent.” Join me in choosing “Jobs Not Taxes” by voting for Dan Bongino for U.S. Senate.


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