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As Long as We Remember...

October 23, 2012

When Will the Truth Be Known?

Steve Gottlieb

Over the last 45 days the Obama Administration was rocked by a major scandal – the attack on our Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. What is disturbing about the administration response is its first inclination and action was to lie to the American people about the cause of the attack and who was actually involved.


Why is it that – when something appears to go wrong – the first instinct of a politician seems to be to lie. If the history of this country teaches anything, it is that very often the real facts are uncovered and the liars are exposed and disgraced. Yet the lies continue.


Anyway, the facts in this case continue to be exposed and embarrass the Obama Administration. Wouldn’t it be easier on the administration and the American public if the truth was told in the very beginning without having to go through weeks of frustration, doubt and anger?


The latest incident in Benghazi is particularly troubling, not only because four Americans were brutally murdered and the ambassador was raped and sodomized before he was killed, but it is also a continuation of President Barack Obama’s attempts to make excuses for our enemies and cover up his failing Middle East engagement policy. The latest events in Benghazi are just another example of how our enemy, Muslim extremists, is not the least bit interested in peaceful coexistence.


Remember, the first stories that came from administration officials was that the attack was due to a spontaneous demonstration instigated by a video supposedly mocking the prophet Mohammed. That was basically the story the American public heard for the first two weeks after the incident. It was only after word of what really happened was exposed through Arab media that we were told that this was a planned, coordinated and complex terrorist attack. The interesting thing is that anyone who follows the Middle East and truly understands the Islamic mindset, and truly understands that al Qaeda is not decimated but is reconstituting already suspected this was indeed a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11, when terrorists attached New York and Washington.


Now that we know this is a terrorist attack, there are still numerous unanswered questions. For instance, why was our ambassador without security in a city where it is well known that terrorists were operating? Another question might be: why was the ambassador in Benghazi at that time to begin with?


It’s a pretty safe bet he wasn’t there on a sightseeing trip. So, why was he there and who was he meeting? However, the answer to that last question might be rightfully classified if he was sent there on official business. At least that point should be public knowledge.


One of the points high-ranking administration officials like to make is that security decisions are made by professionals within the State Department who are experts in the field. The claim is that these requests would not have made it to the secretary of state or the president, as they don’t rise to that level of oversight. This is hard to believe as our participation in the removal of Muammar Qaddafi from power is often touted as an administration success story.


Incidents and diplomatic information concerning a country where we supported the rebels would seem important enough to garner the attention of both the president and secretary of state. It is hard to believe in a country where the political landscape is not yet stable and where we were just involved in a military campaign would not be of daily interest to our country’s leaders. There have been reports that President Obama missed his daily intelligence briefings the day after the attack and went to a political fundraiser instead of dealing with this crisis. If true, it is entirely unacceptable!


Admittedly, there were demonstrations about the video in other cities in the Muslim world. What does not appear to be considered is that these were orchestrated as a cover for the terrorist attack. The idea being to keep the American people blind to what is really happening, knowing full well the Obama Administration’s propensity to misidentify terrorist attacks, i.e. Fort Hood.


President Obama’s policy of Muslim engagement is a failure. We backed the rebels in Libya and they turned on us. We backed the rebels in Egypt, which is now being run by the Muslim Brotherhood whose ultimate goal is a worldwide caliphate, and our embassy was attacked by demonstrators in Cairo.


By the way, Egypt in making noises about changing the peace accord with Israel. Somehow this outcome doesn’t seem like the result of a successful policy. Syria is a shambles with Iran directly involved in helping the regime kill its people; it is now possible this may also destabilize Lebanon even more.


Then there is Iran. That country moves ever closer to obtaining a nuclear weapon and the Obama Administration appears incapable of developing a cogent plan to deal with this possibility. Remember the president said that all we need is “tough principled negotiations” without preconditions, and that he was sure the Iranians would abandon their quest for nuclear weapons. At least that was his insinuation.


All the president’s Middle East policies are failures. We are seen as weak in that area of the world and the idea of a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11 was something the administration did not want the American people to entertain. So, they lied for political gain and Americans are dead!


The real travesty is that instead of leveling with the American people, telling them exactly what we are dealing with in the way of an enemy, the administration continues to hide details of what really happened in Benghazi. Now, this is not the first administration to lie to the American people. It happens time and again for political gain, and we the voters end up the ultimate losers.


I guess the most pressing question for the constituency is: When will we say enough is enough? When will we finally demand the truth?



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