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October 18, 2012

The Buck Doesn’t Stop on Obama’s Desk

Joan Marie Aquilino

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking the 5th bullet from the Benghazi, 9/11 anniversary terrorism attack. It will be only a flesh wound because, if you notice, she takes responsibility but she doesn’t take blame.


The president’s most important duty is to protect American citizens. He failed! On September 11 of any given year, our president should be super vigilant. Why wasn’t he? What was his excuse?


When asked if Mrs. Clinton was to blame for what happened in Benghazi, Libya, the president ignored the question and refused to answer. He did answer the two previous questions about the debate and his being thankful that his wife just voted for him. This is not the behavior of a real man – or a leader.


Why isn’t the president attending intelligence briefings, scheduled daily for his benefit? Sorry, but tweets just don’t cover lack of attendance and full briefings. Where is it so important to be that Barack Obama can’t attend? What is so all-fired important? Could it be a campaign interview on The View with his buds Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar; or maybe a David Letterman show; or questions on American Idol feuds? Then, there is Vice President Joe Biden, the supposed expert in all things pertaining to foreign affairs. Where was he? Neither man has a clue what was going on – according to them.


Weeks after four Americans were murdered, we, as citizens still don’t have answers. Now, that is about the least comforting statement I’ve ever heard.


All of a sudden 24 hours prior to the presidential debates here comes Hillary Clinton – falling on the sword to save yet another one of ‘her men’ – to say it’s all her responsibility, telling us the president doesn’t know the everyday workings of the intelligence community. Why the hell not? Is the Obama campaign running the administration? This is just like Fast & Furious and is nothing less than a total cover-up.


Susan Rice, our ambassador to the United Nations, and Secretary of State Clinton haven’t been seen or heard from in days, maybe weeks. Lies have been told and that’s unacceptable. President Obama and his staff weren’t telling lies to protect us and our safety. They were telling them to protect themselves and their jobs. Add to that the plea from the president’s wife, Michelle, to get thee self to the absentee ballot and vote immediately. Why? Because they didn’t want to deal with the fallout that this discovery will bring. Even his fan club, the media, is having trouble covering for him on this one.


I feel like I’m watching an instant replay of when President Bill Clinton was called out for the Lewinsky escapade and his wife, Hillary, once again, ran to defend her man. Now let’s see if her man stands up to protect her honor this time.


Thankfully no one died during the Lewinsky ordeal, but now we have citizens murdered. Our president, Clinton then, and our president, Obama now, neither took responsibility for their actions or lack thereof. The one element that is the same in both cases is Hillary running to protect and defend ‘her man.’


What happened to her proclamations of the past, especially during her own campaign for the Democratic Party nomination in 2008, that the buck stops with the president?


Why wasn’t the president aware of the happenings in Libya since June? AP quote: “With only weeks before the presidential election, outrage has crystallized around Vice-President Joe Biden’s claim in last week’s debate with Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan that “we weren’t told” about requests for extra security at the consulate where assailants killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.”


How absolutely ridiculously stupid was Biden’s response!!! I knew right then and there an even bigger cover-up was on its way. What I didn’t realize is that, not only would one woman take the fall, but that she would set up yet another woman. We’ll just call it the Clinton/Rice domino effect. This administration seems able, or at least willing, to protect the men like Attorney General Eric Holder, but the women are disposable.


Now let’s just take a moment to review what the president does know. He knows all things basketball, Hollywood, pop music, music lists on Ipod, petty feuds between Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj, all things on Modern family and what Barbara Walters steals from the White House when she visits. And let’s not forget how to make presidential beer …… but ……… let me get this straight now. He goes to bed, has a wonderful night’s sleep and isn’t aware of four American’s being murdered in one of our embassies? Why doesn’t the President of the United States know as much about our security as he does everything pop culture?


To send Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton out saying the fault lies with a video and knowing the truth behind these murders is a what? What do we call it? If he chooses not to be in the loop when it comes to national security, we’ve got a huge problem, as the murders of four Americans in Libya and the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent have proven.


(CNN interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) "I want to avoid some kind of political gotcha" with just three weeks before the election, Clinton said, underlining that she – and Obama and Vice President Joe Biden – has the final word on security at America's diplomatic posts overseas.” Well, of course, the Obama campaign, not the administration, demanded she take on the responsibility.


For God’s sake – and for American’s sake – people, please wake up and realize this president is not a leader.


In the end the president, and no one else, is responsible and at fault.  He’s putting himself and his political ambitions before the safety and security of the American people.


. . . . .'til next time . . .


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