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As Long as We Remember...

October 8, 2012

Solving These Problems Won’t Be Easy

Jill King

Diagnostics is a key element, to creating solutions. Unfortunately, a lot of symptom solvers have entered the arena claiming we should "hope" or "change." Many items infringe on our rights as citizens.


Mitt Romney, a repeal and replace guy, changed his course during the debate. Déjà vu of Newt Gingrich started flowing. Are his intentions to downsize extra-constitutional agencies and giving the states back their 10th Amendment powers realistic in solving the current fiscal crisis?


Many know that the 10th Amendment states that "the powers not granted to the federal government, nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution are reserved to the States or the people."


Injecting this into the debate may have broadened his audience to impact those who are more libertarian-minded; execution, however, is a big deal to many of us including holding to your word, which the current president and many before him refused – or were unable – to accomplish.


Two challengers were on stage. Former Massachusetts Governor Romney was up for the task; the sitting president should have registered in a few debate classes, instead of scheduling tee time.


Blame Bush, er, eh, ummm... It is no wonder the sitting president won't release his college transcripts, and no one can find any subject matter from his editing days that he possibly penned.


Rejoicing over Mitt Romney, who took out "Big Bird," was only a side show to many libertarians and those serious about the limited powers that Governor Romney touted to comprehension.


In order to dismantle government, there are many phases that would have to take place, as it is not a cut and dry item. Careful planning and obvious fact checking will be needed to restore the proper balance provided by the Constitution.


Elimination without careful considerations may cause more issues.


The buzz words typically spin into something different, but intent is an element needed to win the prize of a long sentence or higher monetary award in most courts of peers.


The fact is there is possibly no safe way to downsize – at this point – without chaos. The occupiers and underground anti-government groups are laying in wait for this kind of dismantling.


The first phase, used in the Gingrich plan of Lean Six Sigma is to identify a problem that would need streamlining and/or identify a duplication of processing.


With this, every item in the process will need to be viewed from back to front, potentially hosting a number of separate issues. Every internal and external customer will need to be identified.


Hearing that we need to shut down the Department of Education sounds like an easy task, but for states that have adopted funding and are camera shy on challenging the nullification process will be faced with severe issues.


The Department of Education, along with other agencies, has funded states to create programs, such as the replacement of No Child Left Behind Act. The newly glamorized project known as Race to the Top employs hundreds in each state through federal grants.


The number of employees who are employed through these grants would have to be phased down, not shut down; this could paralyze areas that do not have enough jobs for those persons to step into; Maryland is one of them.


In Maryland, the epiphany that job growth is backed by taxpayers was created by pandering politicians who have seized the "Free State." Their unfortunate literal perception of "free" would cause shifting of positions, in an attempt to bring this into the state realm.


At least at the federal level, all taxpayers are put into the pot for increasing debt and funding unconstitutional agencies. Here at state level, the monies are more localized, typically on the backs of businesses and through user fees.


Potentially, it could take more than four years to dismantle any agency; fallout would occur, at numerous levels. The unemployment rate is the flip side. Curiously, earmarks to create jobs, or to provide relief to areas that lack the ability to "grow" them, are funded heavily by other more wealthy states.


Local school boards are an internal customer of the system. If they are excluded from federal mandates, the grants vanish. They are then tasked with using the current system until a new standard of procedure is put into place.


Who will they then charge, when tasked with a Race to the Top question?


Will the state need a new board to put a system in place?


Wouldn't localizing the issue turn out better for Marylanders, forcing them to educate based on the resources they have in the county, thus providing a better understanding of the geography of the area for business creation?


How many children will be set back, with yet another change in midstream? Failed ideas have led to failed solutions in seeking a universal action.


Recently, the teacher pension shift in Maryland placed demands on counties to be responsible for their own debt. This is a joyous occasion! Fiscally wise counties shouldn’t be providing for those that are promiscuous with their bounty.


Quite possibly, this is a recipe for success in dismantling. Better perception of the type of fiscal management that previous politicians have shirked or demonstrated prudence in will be more recognizable.


Pensions are still controlled via the state, promoting a unified system in how to operate the pension. Localizing the method would have been a better offering.


Fixing the pickle from government overreach is not as simple as placing a few words together in a debate. Many know that it is only what we the people want to hear.


We can either applaud – or educate people on the real root problems. Verifying if solutions are real solutions or just symptom solvers, would serve us well when fact checking.


A bottom-up approach at state level is the most appropriate action, as this is beyond their fixing; nullification is a start.


Sometimes it is the ornery little details that need to be vetted and disclosed; otherwise we end up with solutions like Quantitative Easing III and not Audit the Fed.


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