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September 27, 2012

The Choice of a Lifetime

Patricia A. Kelly

How exhausting is politics? How one longs for beer or soda commercials in this time of constant, often misleading, political sound bites.


For a change, on last Sunday’s 60 Minutes, both President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney were interviewed separately, using mostly the same questions. It was a rare opportunity to see the candidates expound on their plans and their records.


Right after Governor Romney explained how his tax plan does not reduce the actual taxes paid by the wealthy, and how it helps, rather than hurts the middle class, and how it is designed to maintain the current revenue stream, President Obama spoke. After accusing Governor Romney of singing a “one-note song,” he repeated his “one note” assertion that Governor Romney plans to reduce taxes on the wealthy. In this excellent example of marketing’s twisted ways, the truth is that Governor Romney’s plan, although it does call for a reduction in rates for the wealthy, calls for a corresponding decrease in their deductions, with no tax increase for the middle class.


We can only hope the debates provide even more clarity. The American people need factual information, rather than innuendo, to help them decide who to hire for the next four years.


The one thing everyone agrees upon is that this election offers the opportunity for Americans to make a choice between two very different views of American society and American government.


America began with people who had the intestinal fortitude to leave behind their homelands and embark on the adventure of creating a new life in uncharted wilderness, far from home.


The British thought they could beat this under-funded group of ragged individuals, and they were wrong. Our forbears found the money, the equipment and the support they needed. They endured privation, and they fought to develop a unique, independent nation, and to live in personal freedom.


It’s our heritage, and Gov. Mitt Romney stands for it.


How long do we want to live in a country where we have to press one to speak in our own language?


Are we really happy to live with the federal government deciding the daily course of our lives? Are we willing to pay the inevitable price of loss of personal freedom for the rules that go along with handouts?


President Obama is out there ready to give each and every one of us that chance. First, he’ll give us health care. As a side effect, the cost of Medicare will go up every year. The fairy tale about private insurance continuing is just that. No one can compete with the government when the government sets the rules. Don’t believe for one minute that the government won’t be deciding what services we get, and when. It will.


Second, he’ll give us some more of his remarkable foreign policy and military expertise. Although he deserves credit for the drone strikes and the death of Osama bin Laden, he’s the one who decided we should try terrorists in New York City rather than treat them like the enemy combatants they are.


He partially emptied Guantanamo and the “graduates” are back to their old ways, possibly including the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya. He’s the overseer of the FBI, which decided not to send its’ investigative unit to the Libyan embassy until things settled down, leaving CNN to find the ambassador’s private journal. He campaigns rather than doing his work, such as receiving daily security briefings and meeting with foreign leaders at the United Nations.


Does anyone see President Obama as an ordinary guy with student loans, whose heart is with the middle class? He is rich, and surrounded by the rich. The middle class, wounded vets and working moms, show up for State of The Union speeches. His sister is trotted out for the convention.


Governor Romney, the son of a former Michigan who became both a businessman and a statesman, has been very successful himself. He is clearly skilled in turning around businesses, and in balancing a state budget. When called upon to save an Olympics plagued by fraud and overspending, he responded and saved the games. He certainly has a skill set that would be very valuable in managing a national economy.


He is devoted to his family. He has spent large amounts of his time helping others, both privately and through his church work.


He is stable and consistent, as well as smart. He works hard. He’s a problem solver. He has a whole life history of actions matching his words. He is consistent. One can count on him.


We can fumble our way down the road to collectivism, or decide to stand tall. The choice seems clear to me.


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