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As Long as We Remember...

September 27, 2012


Zachary Peters

Chaos erupts in the Middle East. An ambassador has been killed and dragged through the streets. Our flag has been burned and replaced. All this happened on American land at our embassies and consulates abroad. What have we done about this?


What we’ve done is successfully showed to terror groups, radicals, other organizations and nations that we tolerate attacks on our property and citizens – free of consequence. President Barack Obama has stayed far away from any controversy in the Middle East in an effort to protect his campaign and his hopes for a second term, which has allowed the situation to grow and spread into all out mayhem.


By ignoring and disregarding the first attack of the series at our embassy in Cairo, Egypt, President Obama set the tone and precedence of how he would handle an embassy attack. It’s this ignorance and precedence that allowed Libyan radicals to storm our consulate, brutally murder our ambassador, and drag him through the streets, making a mockery of our nation in front of the entire world while proving that our foreign policy is the real joke.


But, then again, how could the president even begin to have time to lead our nation? You can’t govern and go on The David Letterman Show and The View at the same time.


President Obama has shown, yet again, what his priorities are and has also proven his lack of leadership capabilities. Another disappointing example of this abysmal leadership is the president’s acknowledgement of “National Talk Like a Pirate Day.” I’m serious; you can’t make this stuff up.


On September 19th, in the midst of crisis in the Middle East and having “no time for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,” the president’s campaign Twitter account posted a photograph of the president meeting with a man in a pirate costume in the White House.


How appropriate. At first, I thought the pirate was a new Obama advisor. It would explain the piracy of my rights, money, and future. But this was not the case. In between appearing on the Letterman show, and attending multi-million dollar fundraisers with rap music mogul Jay-Z, the president was able to squeeze in some time to celebrate “National Talk Like a Pirate Day.” Thank God! I couldn’t think of anything better for a president to do!


As November approaches, we need to reflect on the poor leadership of our executive – and vote accordingly. Do you want a president who ignores the issues to celebrate ridiculous and absurd holidays? Or do you want one who makes people into “takers” rather than “makers” in our economy? Or do you want one who would rather go on a talk show instead of meeting with foreign leaders to handle crises?


This is the real Barrack Obama. This is the man who is too caught up in his “celebrity” of being president to lead the nation out of an impending fiscal crisis, or protect our country from foreign threats.


I truly am frightened that President Obama has a chance of winning a second term. I’m frightened for my current well-being, the stableness of my economic future, and most importantly, I’m frightened for the future of the United State of America.


We need legitimate and effective leadership in the White House. We need a Commander-in-Chief, not a Campaigner-in-Chief.


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