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As Long as We Remember...

September 27, 2012

Who are the six percenters?

Chris Cavey

About a week ago the "secret video" was released by Mother Earth revealing in an "enquiring-minds-want-to-know" format just what former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney thinks of President Barack Obama. Hey, guess what? Mr. Romney is not a fan; however, his comments have been digested and regurgitated since as if it were real news.


The liberal media just can't stand the hard, bare truth. Speaking to a small intimate group, Governor Romney didn't mince any words, spoke his mind and explained himself in terms his audience would understand. Good for him. I say he earns points just for being honest and not living in a dream world.


Mr. Romney stated that there are 47% of the voting population who will not vote for him – they will vote for the president no matter what. Anyone who has followed the polling should agree with this statement. Virtually every national poll holds these facts to be true. If you dig deeper, you will see there is – in fact – about a six-to-eight point swing in voters. That means about 47% will vote for Governor Romney no matter what.


Knowing these facts, both campaigns will target the six to 10 percent of voters in the undecided or swing demographic. Although no one will dispute every vote is important and both candidates should work for every vote... only a small amount of total effort will be devoted to persuasion and a much larger percentage will be devoted to get-out-the-vote and maintaining-the-base vote.


Every campaign consultant will tell you – secure your base. Campaigning starts at home in your strongest spots and works to the swing areas before proceeding into unwinnable areas.


Governor Romney stated that 47% "pay no taxes." Well, if you round up – that is true. According to the Tax Policy Center in 2011, 46.4% paid no federal income tax; maybe other types of tax, but no federal income tax. Like it or not, it is close enough to use in a speech before large donors.


Our nation is politically divided, and that fact is not new. Every presidential election since 1988 has been about a nine percent margin or less. Translation: 45.5% or more people, on either side, would not elect the other guy – no matter what. This time period spans 12 years of both Republican and Democrat presidencies. Partisan politics and close election margins are not news.


Governor Romney was asked why he didn't go full frontal assault against President Barack Obama. His answer was – he didn't want to upset the undecided voter. In a tight race, who would intentionally upset or disturb a swing demographic, especially one you will spend money courting? Yet the press thought his statement to be disingenuous. Really?


Disingenuous is the lopsided way the press reports political news. Republican politics to be specific. The odd hate the liberal media has for more Republican officials is astounding. It is also astounding how blatantly they forgive, or overlook the short-comings of most of the more liberal elected officials.


Our country is a wonderful place. Our freedom of speech is what drives our thoughts, expressions and has made us strong. Governor Romney stated several hard, cold, bare facts in his private chat with high level donors, tough realities which the politically correct thoroughly understand but have a difficult time accepting.


Recently I have been castigated for stating that if Governor Romney wins Maryland, it means he has already won 47 other states. Everyone who knows and understands voting patterns and the political business knows that general principle to be true – like it or not.


Every vote in Maryland for Governor Romney is important. We need to maintain the highest Republican percentage and turnout possible, not only for Mr. Romney, but for all our GOP candidates. However, if we think nationally, we should be working on the persuadable voters in our neighboring states, because electing a president is all about the electoral votes. Another hard cold fact.


So, if you are in the 47% of either partisan side, get your bumper stickers on your car and your yard signs out in plain sight. Knock on doors and look for the six percent who will decide the race.


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