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September 26, 2012

Is the media piling on Romney?

Kevin E. Dayhoff

Howard Kurtz, the host of the weekly CNN program Reliable Sources, tweeted last Sunday: “I'm at CNN and about to ask whether the media are piling on Romney.”


Well, duh. Is a school bus yellow? Of course, the media is piling on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor.


We are currently a witness to history. We are spectators to a presidential election this November that still has all the hallmarks of potentially being stolen by the media. We are witnessing a coup d’état by the elite-progressive press, if you will.


“The weird ecstasy of the media-political complex at the Democratic Party convention in Charlotte last month was the first sign that its attachment to President Barack Obama, always fawning, had become morbid,” wrote Michael Knox Beran in National Review Online on September 17.


How Republics Fall” – The Fourth Estate’s degrading hero worship trivializes an election” – was called to my attention by political writer Steve Berryman. It is an erudite, but scathing, review of the media’s active participation in the presidential campaign.


“In spite of the anemic economy and a real unemployment rate above 11 percent, the high priests of pontificating liberalism were giddy with euphoria. The Democrats ‘put on a nearly flawless convention,’ Paul Begala opined, and it was soon all but incontrovertibly established that, come November, the president — beautiful, magical, and lovable as he was — would vanquish his boring opponent.”


And then there is a story about overt media bias witnessed by Maryland State Sen. Joe Getty (R., Carroll/Baltimore) at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Senator Getty communicated his first-person witness to blatant media bias at a pre-election breakfast September 20, in Westminster.


In his presentation, Senator Getty shared his insights gained while attending the convention, and made some observations about the upcoming general election in Carroll County.


His thought-provoking program included a narrated slide show which began, in part, with a series of pictures documenting an unpleasant interaction between members of the Maryland Delegation to the convention and CBS News of the contemporary ‘Gotcha Media.’


“About 30-seconds,” into Gov. Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech, a reporter for CBS News, stationed in the aisle by the Maryland Delegation pronounced prophetically into the microphone that Governor Romney had failed to rally his base support… had failed to rally the convention behind him.”


As Senator Getty explains, she said this just seconds after he had begun his speech. Louis M. Pope, a national committeeman for the Maryland Republican Party, who was seated essentially right beside the reporter, objected loudly. To which the reporter loudly responded and a bit of an unpleasant exchange followed.


Here’s the thing. To explore the concept of media bias intellectually – or emotionally – is one thing. But until you have actually witnessed it, you cannot fathom how upsetting it is to see and hear an example of media bias with your own eyes and ears. There is something so unfair – so un-American – about it, that it shakes you to your very core.


Moreover, the incestuous elite media will cover for each other and the president. So, for those out there wondering how can the CBS reporter get away with that behavior? The answer is (wait for it) because she can. No organization or individual in the elite progressive media will challenge a colleague or hold them accountable for their dereliction of professional duties and responsibilities.


Why…? “Today America’s Fourth Estate is not merely predisposed, as it has been for generations, to favor a particular political party: It is deeply engaged in the hero worship of a particular political leader,” Mr. Beran wrote.


The media bias has long since passed the point where the major newspapers, cable and broadcast news networks even try to feign being honest brokers of the news. In a September 2 article in Mediaite, by Andrew Kirell, he reported that Jennifer “Rubin, a conservative columnist for The Washington Post, explained that she doesn’t mind MSNBC’s political leftism but that there is ‘a level of rudeness, a level of unprofessionality’ among some of the network’s personalities…”


Indeed, it is as if the elite media holds the general public in contempt. It is this disdain that allows the progressive media to ignore reports such as “According to a new poll from Gallup, distrust in the media has reached an all-time high, with 60% of respondents having ‘not very much’ or no trust at all…” according to a September 21 article by Alex Weprin in TVNewser. The article, “Gallup: Distrust In Media Hits All-Time High,” continues by reporting that “Republicans and Independents tended to not trust the media substantially more than Democrats, who were more likely to have a favorable view…”


Then, there is the insightful article written by Chris Cillizza in The Washington Post on September 16, “Will Obama win in November? Wide gap between preference and prediction.” “What explains the wide gap between the candidate voters want to win and the one they think will win? Theories abound…


“The ballot question is driven by who voters want to win,” said Republican pollster Whit Ayres. “The ‘Who do you think will win?’ question is driven by pundits and commentators who want Obama to win.”


Mr. Cillizza also observed: “Under Ayres’s line of thinking, the tone of the coverage of the race leads people who want Romney to win to believe that he ultimately won’t — although that sentiment doesn’t change how they plan to vote.”


Face it. No matter how bad the economy; no matter how bad the unemployment rate; no matter how bad the current administration’s foreign policy – the elite media will cover-up for President Obama and trash anything and everything Governor Romney says, does, has done or has contemplated.


No matter what the situation or the scenario just like the CBS reporter in Senator Getty’s example – the story has already been written with all the Democratic Party talking points included – all the reporter needs to do is cut and paste and press print.


. . . . .I’m just saying…


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