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September 19, 2012

Hope and Change, Last of the Ninth

Norman M. Covert

You don’t have to go far from the bosom of Frederick, with its cocoon of economic stability, to see what really is happening in America. A huge billboard looms above the highway near Washington, PA., proclaiming, “OBAMA NO-JOBS ZONE.” It is a huge plea for help in that mostly coal mining region of America.


Not far from there, I-70, from the Ohio border to Columbus, is an “Obama Jobs Zone.” Traffic crawls through the corridor linking Pennsylvania with Ohio, ignoring the depression of Wheeling, WV, also a former coal mining commerce center.


“Welcome to Ohio,” we read, a temporary sign warning the right lane would end in 1000 feet. As far as the eye could see, working crews and equipment were removing road surfaces, installing new concrete and asphalt. Signs proclaimed the highway and bridge construction the result of “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.”


The millions of dollars allocated in the “stimulus” legislation enacted by the Democratic Congress now is President Barack Obama’s chief vote buying effort for Ohio’s popular and Electoral College ballots in November. Call it the “Obama Re-election Act.”


The money may even work in that crucial “swing state” if a large enough number of Obama’s 2008 supporters actually turn out to vote. One ponders if those willing to accept the demanding highway work will take the money and run to the desired hope and change promised by Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.


Polls consistently show President Obama having a bit of an edge nationally over Governor Romney, despite the disastrous 8.1 percent unemployment rate, citizens giving up their search for quality employment and the continued downward spiral of the economy.


We saw this polling phenomenon with former President Jimmy Carter, when the media was turning out thousands of words each day deriding the campaign of a “washed up Hollywood actor” named Ronald Reagan.


My face-to-face polling of several hundred veterans at the four-day convention of the Society of the 40 and Eight in Fort Mitchell, KY, tells a different story. Mention of Mr. Obama at non-business sessions brought derision and anger.


To put the foregoing in context, Maryland has some 450,000 military veterans who will probably vote against the Democrat administration. If veterans elsewhere are of a similar mind, it could be a colossal Romney/Ryan victory.


These veterans were talking about the events of September 11, 2012, when our allies in Egypt and Libya launched a coordinated attack on our embassies, American soil! Remember it cost the life of our Libyan ambassador and three military veterans on staff.


The Middle East is aflame again on this 11th anniversary of the 9/11/01 Attacks in New York City, The Pentagon and Western Pennsylvania. Can you see a valid connection? The administration eschews any link of attacks on 9/11/12 with attacks on 9/11/01 by the same Arab extremists.


The veterans remarked how President Obama has kept Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the road since his inauguration in January 2009. There were convinced that she must be suffering from jetlag in proclaiming the attacks were just the result of a snippet of a movie on YouTube® about the Prophet Mohammed.


The party line was touted by former President Bill Clinton as well as U. N. Ambassador Susan Rice, who appeared on Sunday interview shows speaking unconvincingly of the Obama Administration’s assessment. I am surprised Mr. Clinton and Ms. Rice weren’t spitting out sand from having their heads buried by the incredible explanation of the attacks.


Remember Secretary Clinton, in challenging for the 2008 Democrat presidential nomination, ran an effective campaign ad that doubted then Candidate Obama would be able to respond to the “three-o’clock phone call” of national danger.


Actually, Madam Secretary Clinton was only a little off in her assessment. When President Obama got the 3 A.M. phone call Tuesday night last week, he had it forwarded to his campaign fundraiser in Utah, then had an aide take it because he couldn’t use an iPhone™.


This was not an attack on America, the White House insisted.


It is still incredible that the principle multi-media outlets find wisdom in every proclamation from the White House. This is a malady I named in the mid-sixties as “Media Chic.” They carried the water for Lyndon Johnson just as they are doing to excuse our boy “Emperor.”


The 1960s media schmoozing in Washington changed the face of journalism; The Washington Post’s finest hour was Watergate coverage by the Woodward/Bernstein duo. Real journalism, like the social engineering of that era, is unraveling like the baseball hit by Roy Hobbs in the movie The Natural.


No longer can we blame former President George W. Bush for the multitude of ills perpetrated by this Democrat administration and its former congressional majority, which admitted it passed bills without reading them.


President Obama is the “pitcher of record,” in this sequence of calamities, and it is the bottom of the ninth inning, in baseball jargon. He is responsible for every base runner, not his predecessor.


This “Once upon a time” fairy tale of liberal dominance in America lost its chance for a “lived happily ever after” conclusion with Mr. Obama. We can only hope for change!


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