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September 17, 2012

The True Path to America’s Ruination

Cindy A. Rose

With the recent events in the news, my column has morphed several times. Originally this was going to be about the importance of the local Board of Education race.


You’ve been spared another rant about how important facts are to our political discourse. I’ll spare you, for now, how I think the Board of Education race is important. I’ll leave you to ponder how these candidates are often the farm team for higher political offices.


Sadly, with the attacks on the consulate in Libya and the embassies in Egypt, Yemen and elsewhere, I felt a switch was in order. When America is attacked in foreign countries and Americans are being murdered and assaulted far from those who can come to their aid and comfort them, I feel compelled to speak because others refuse.


This column isn’t a complete 180 degree reversal. Actually, it‘s almost along the same lines – facts. Facts won’t make or break an election campaign, because they are often hard to find among the rhetorical gems of political one-upmanship. But they are powerful tools if you use them wisely, poison if you don’t.


Facts, in the hands of an articulate, honorable, brave, non-biased reporter, can ring in freedom. In the hands of the artful, deceitful, cowardly zealot, they can cause societies to become so tethered to a “narrative” that they find themselves living in an M. Night Shyamalan movie. If and when they do finally escape the allure of deceit, they quickly discover the narratives of their lives were lies. Restraining lies artfully woven, used as invisible fencing to facilitate the separation of citizen from liberating truth.


I worry for the safety and continuation of our culture, our heritage, our uniquely American story. I don’t fear so much from foreign governments as much as I fear from the enemy within. Shocking as this may sound, I don’t even fear our local government. I know the people can rectify any wrongdoing perpetrated by a tyrannical government. History tells me so.


History also tells me that in order for the people to overthrow a tyrant, they first have to know one exists. They must be armed with facts.


I fear the wolf in sheep’s clothing who pretends to be your friend as it burrows deep inside like a parasitic wasp until all you are is consumed, and what emerges is unrecognizable.


A close look into other governments holds clues to who this enemy is. There are signs as good as any found in a Shyamalan movie. If we pay close enough attention and recall our history and the histories of our neighbors, perhaps we can avoid our not yet inevitable, but looming deconstruction.


This parasitic enemy is, if you haven’t already guessed it, the news media in all its incarnations: print, cable, network, Internet; it doesn’t matter. They are 97% looking for a host victim, not an inquisitive audience. They are looking to pull the wool over your eyes, feed you opiates or dangle Straw Men before you. Whatever it takes to control the narrative and, therefore, the direction, they’ll utilize it.


Long before guns, bullets and tanks take down a nation, a complicit news brigade can bring any strong nation to its knees, let alone the confused, information deprived and struggling ones.


When the narrative becomes the “tone” of a presidential hopeful as opposed to the atrocities perpetrated on American citizens on foreign soil, all of America should be outraged – and afraid.


Inasmuch as America’s media has emerged as the propaganda arm of the progressives, I’m sure many American‘s probably haven’t heard yet that militant, radical Muslims in an al Qaeda style, coordinated attack, stormed American sovereign ground and burned, terrorized, assaulted and murdered American citizens.


In the fog of their post-truth America, do they recall that our diplomatic soil is sovereign American soil? Breaching our walls is an act of aggression, if not an act of war. Even so, these places and treasured people need to be defended as forcefully as we would defend any other soil of the United States. Then it dawns on me … crap … this “administration” doesn’t defend American “domestic” soil, certainly it won’t defend us on foreign soil. And it’s laughable to believe they’ll report the facts because they don’t fit the new American narrative.


I often wonder how our local media sleeps at night knowing it is purposefully manipulating facts and data to create a narrative that herds the masses into believing an unqualified senator could successfully lead the shining star that is America. Do they feel culpable over the deaths of innocent Americans and others? I write, therefore I am absolved?


It isn’t a tyrannical government that will be the ruination of America but the lack of honor, the total disregard for truth among journalists that will be our downfall.


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