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September 7, 2012

The Great Divide

Joe Charlebois

The philosophical divide couldn’t get much greater. In Tampa last week, GOP speakers proved just how inclusive the party actually is. While in Charlotte this week the Democratic National Convention’s top speakers aren’t looking to appeal to all Americans; just those they can win over through divisive rhetoric and actions.


At the Republican National Convention, the GOP presented story after story of success. Americans of all backgrounds spoke of how modest beginnings can lead to great endings. Sons and daughters of immigrants, with little more than the clothes on their backs, came to America to start a new life because America was and remains the land of true opportunity.


Despite the caricature that the main stream media presents, conservatives are not a bunch of rich white men. Conservatives are not racist. Conservatives are not misogynists. Conservatives are Americans, who believe that through hard work and determination any man or woman can succeed as far as their talents and hard work will take them.


Lest you disagree, tell me how Nikki Randhawa Haley (R., SC), a daughter of Indian immigrants, and Bobby Jindal (R., LA), a son of Indian immigrants were elected to statewide office in their respective states. How did Susana Martinez (R., NM), who rose from humble family roots to become the first female Latina governor in the United States? Tell me how conservatives are so narrow minded that Brian Sandoval (R., NV) was elected to the state’s highest office with roots that stretch to Mexico?


Of the 29 Republican governors, six would be considered minorities, whereas, the Democrats can boast of only four current governors that would be considered minorities.


The two black Republican members in the House of Representatives, Tim Scott (R., SC), and Allen West (R., FL) come from districts with only 19.9% and 7.4% minority representation respectively. They did not need to rely on the color of their skin to win their elections. They won the vote in their districts because they espoused the values that appeal to all Americans.


Contrary to the stereotypical MSNBC image of conservatives, it is the Democratic Party officials who spread the language of hate and intolerance. It doesn’t come from the conservatives.


Conservatives don’t make you check a box in order to join their movement. You don’t have to be Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, gay, straight, god-loving, atheist, or a union member. It doesn’t matter. Conservatives want all Americans to truly have an opportunity at the American Dream. They don’t begrudge those who reach economic success, nor do they wish to keep those who are struggling down. Their message resounds with everyone.


As we have seen at this week’s convention, the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Party have written off half of America. The so called big-tent coalition is actually a confab of many small tents stitched together by the loosest of threads. It is not a place of welcome.


As long as you belong under one of the small tents, you are welcome.


If you believe in traditional marriage; you are not welcome. If you believe that in order to receive welfare payments, you need to work, then you are not welcome. If you are a white male; you are not welcome. If you believe in a tax structure that has all Americans sharing the burden, you are not welcome. If you believe in Jerusalem as Israel’s natural capital, you are not welcome. If you believe in God; you may get booed.


Prior to the conventions, the two parties did agree on two specific items. First, Jerusalem is the true capital of Israel and a reference to God.  This year the DNC omitted both of these references from the party’s platform.


After severe political backlash, the president demanded that the language be reinstated. On Wednesday the convention held a voice vote to reinstate these two platform items. “We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values and interests of working people and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential” “(Jerusalem) is and will remain the capital of Israel.”


The convention platform requires a two-thirds majority affirmation to reinstate the language. By any true measure of reason, the voice vote failed to reach the two-thirds required. The chair deliberately ignored the results and just passed it anyway. And when it “passed” those nays turned to boos.


With moments like this, it is fair to say that the philosophical divide between liberals and conservatives has deepened. It hasn’t deepened because the conservatives want to go back to the good ole’ days; but liberals have moved so far to the left that it is has become physically impossible to reach across the aisle.


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