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As Long as We Remember...

September 6, 2012

O’Malley Singing A Tired Tune

Blaine R. Young

We are now almost two months from the November election. Being a presidential year, there is obviously significant interest and attention in the fall campaign. We will be surprised along the way, but most of it we have already heard.


The Republicans just finished their “convention” in Tampa. Of course, originally these gatherings of party faithful were events of real drama, as the nomination for president by each party was actually decided at the convention. That was a long time ago, and what conventions are now are opportunities for the candidates and their faithful legions to make speeches on national television, and try to get the always hoped for “convention bounce.”


The Republicans in Tampa seemed committed, dedicated and enthusiastic about their candidate Mitt Romney. We’ll see what kind of bounce Romney can hold on to from the convention.


The Democrats are underway in Charlotte. On the first day of the Democratic Convention, after crashing the Republican convention in Tampa, our well-travelled governor, Martin O’Malley, spoke from the podium. This was just another of his many “pre-campaign” stops in his unannounced – but obvious – effort to secure the Democratic nomination for president four years from now.


I didn’t watch the governor’s speech. I didn’t have to. I know I have heard all of that before, as has everyone else in this state. By news accounts, Governor O’Malley talked about the commitment of the Democrats to continue their “investments” in the future.


Now, for Governor O’Malley, President Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats, the term “investments” is a catch phrase for government spending.


Of course, we know what Martin O’Malley means when he talks about “investments” here in the State of Maryland. He likes to “invest” our hard earned dollars in expanding and continuing the bloating of the state payroll to placate the government employee unions. It’s no secret that Governor O’Malley is going to be looking to the public sector unions to spearhead his campaign for the presidency; he is using our money to increase the state payroll at a time when other government sectors and private enterprise are still scaling back.


At a time when our national federal debt went over the $16 trillion mark, Martin O’Malley’s policies, if carried to a national level, would be disastrous. By the time he leaves his eight years in office here in Maryland he will have crippled our state financially. If he was serious about true investments, he would be propping up the state’s underfunded pension plan, building roads and restoring our infrastructure (as he promised to do) rather than just hiring more people we don’t need.


As I’ve said before many times before, Governor O’Malley has put Maryland in the rearview mirror. On his last day in office here, it will be good riddance. Should he gain momentum nationally, we can only shudder to think what might happen if he gets his hands on the purse strings of the federal government the way he has had them on our wallets in Maryland.


The only thing our governor has gotten right lately is when asked by a reporter if the country is better off now than it was four years ago, his answer was "No." Of course, he is still clarifying his answer blaming it all on former President George W. Bush.

Nice job, Martin! Now do us all a favor and go visit California for the remaining two years of your term as Maryland governor.


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