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July 3, 2003

She 'Coulda Been A Contenda'

John P. Snyder

It seems eons ago, but when Jennifer Dougherty settled in as the Mayor of Frederick, many things seemed possible. She exuded confidence and determination, as befitting anyone who successfully operated a restaurant in Frederick, an iffy undertaking for sure, for more than 15 years.

Just 17 months into her term, one wonders just how many of the 5,378 who voted for her would do it again!

No doubt about it, this lady has issues. Like any good liberal, she believes she has been anointed by God to right the wrongs of society. To question her is to violate the will of a higher calling. It seems she never progressed past the "I know you are but what am I" routine from playground days.

Witness her drudging up the controversies of the Grimes administration when confronted with her own recent dishonesty. Her complaint regarding the meeting with Lt. Gov. Michael Steele and three aldermen, in spite of the legal opinion exonerating them, reveals a vindictive person that doesn't get mad but WILL get even.

Parse the words all you like, but it seems she did not tell the truth regarding Jeff Reedy. And direct from the Bill Clinton playbook, she and her acolytes have tried to smear and rundown those who seek the truth and an open administration.

For their efforts to conduct an honest city government, Bill Hall, Dave Lenhart and Joe Baldi are routinely trashed and vilified by the mayor and her supporters.

They are honest gentlemen interested in good government. They, unlike the mayor, do not operate under the illusion that they have been hand picked by God to lead the people out of darkness.

Arrogant, elitist and clumsy politicians don't play well in Frederick. A fair number of her supporters now just shake their head in wonder. Had they known her governing style was so dictatorial, another four years of Jim Grimes wouldn't have seemed so bad.

People will forget a lot of anything good, but will never forget the dishonesty. This, along with her heavy-handed manner, will make the remaining two and a half years of her administration seem like the Bataan death march for everyone.

For it is clear that she is ill-suited for this position and should return to what she does best. Like picking the soup of the day at Jennifer's .

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