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As Long as We Remember...

July 2, 2003

Mole Hills into Mountains

Mike Kuster

Who gives a crap? Talk about right-wing conspiracies! Does anyone in Frederick City or County believe that the Jeff Reedy resignation/firing is out of the ordinary? If so, "here's your sign!"

I have no inside information, outside of the memos being illegally and immorally spread throughout the county by Karen Korrell and every media outlet (including this fine electronic rag). I do know, however, that threatening to fire someone if they don't resign is a common practice in both the government and private worlds.

So, what is the big deal?

The stories and editorials should be focusing on the criminality of removing personnel files, copying those files, and distributing said files. All parties involved in the distribution of these documents have broken laws, both civil and moral, in my opinion.

The big deal, outside of the crimes being committed by numerous individuals and businesses, lies in one truth. There are a number of individuals whose power has been removed or displaced and who hate Mayor Jennifer Dougherty. They will do anything to undermine her power and authority.

These individuals include:

Karen Korrell, who just retired as president of the Weinberg Board of Directors - she hates Jennifer Dougherty

Roy Meachum, columnist to the Frederick News Post and friend of Ms. Korrell - he hates Jennifer Dougherty and respects and admires former Mayor Jim Grimes.

David Lenhart, alderman in The City of Frederick - he hates Jennifer Dougherty because she's in a different political party (great reason, right?). If she fails, his party has a chance at reclaiming the mayor's Office.

The list goes on, but that's all we need for this story.

These individuals will cry foul at everything Mayor Dougherty does.


It's their nature and to their interest.

When Mayor Dougherty appointed Jeff Reedy acting director of the Weinberg Center, Karen Korrell threw an absolute fit. She claimed the gentleman was unqualified. She claimed she should have a role in the hiring and firing of directors, and she claimed the Board of Directors should have been involved in interviews.

When Jeff Reedy "resigned", Ms. Korrell threw a fit for firing "an able and effective director ." who used ".a combination of hard work, aggressive promotion of the theater and outreach to the community . . . (Frederick News Post, 6/18/03)." Ms. Korrell believes that she should have been consulted, the Board of Directors should have been notified, and that Mayor Dougherty was circumventing some procedure dreamt up by Ms. Korrell.

Let's get this straight, Ms. Korrell. First, she hated Jeff Reedy being hired. Now, she's "devastated, just devastated" at his leaving. She thinks that someone who is on probation cannot be fired on the spot. She believes some outside body should be involved in hiring and firing city employees who report directly to the mayor's office.

Roy Meachum is another matter altogether. I've complained vehemently about the Frederick News Post publishing the rantings of someone with personal connections to one side of an issue. They obviously don't care that they are making a mockery of their business.

Alderman Lenhart gives politicians a bad name. Not only does he exude the personality of a used-car-salesman, but he re-enforces every stereotype of a politician.

For instance, on June 17th, Alderman Lenhart would not comment on the Reedy issue because it was a personnel issue. We all know he wanted to make some disparaging comment, but laws protecting personnel matters denied him any score against the mayor.

Ten days later, Alderman Lenhart had devised his approach. He claims that Mayor Dougherty lied to him and the public (sound familiar). So, he'll take the approach de jour of the GOP. He'll make Mayor Dougherty out to be a liar.

To be honest, Mayor Dougherty did not lie. She stated, "This was kind of a surprise" when asked about Mr. Reedy's resignation. That's not a lie. Vinny Hughes went to Mr. Reedy with marching orders. He came back with Mr. Reedy's resignation.

In fact, the Frederick News Post reported that "Dougherty hinted that although Mr. Reedy had fulfilled some of the goals set for the city-owned theater's five-year privatization plan, others had not been met."

So, she knew that he had not fulfilled his goals in his first six-months and that he would not be around the next day. She did not say, "I could not believe that Jeff would not be among my employees on June 18th!"

Alderman Lenhart states that he believes that Mayor Dougherty is trying to cover her lie by initiating an investigation into stolen and distributed personnel files.

Come on!

Does he welcome the city sitting idly by while city employee's records are distributed and printed for all the world to see?

Mayor Dougherty certainly knows that most people understand that Mr. Reedy was given an option of getting out on his own or being booted out of the Weinberg Center. She doesn't give a crap about the issues upon which Mr. Lenhart, Ms. Korrell and Mr. Meachum are focusing their efforts. She does need to know how Mr. Reedy's personnel files left the HR office in City Hall.

If those who oppose Mayor Jennifer Dougherty's every move gave one ounce of concern to the well-fare of The City of Frederick, its tax dollars, and its employees, they would join the mayor in charging all those involved in violating the privacy of city employees.

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