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As Long as We Remember...

August 24, 2012

May I ask you a question?

Joe Charlebois

Now that the Republican National Convention in Tampa (FL) is upon us, the real campaign for the White House has begun in earnest.


Here are some of the questions that should assist those who are undecided on a candidate to establish reasons to vote for one candidate over the other.



The Bill of Rights:


Which candidate will protect your First Amendment rights?


Who is more likely to “impede your free exercise of religion?”


Who is more likely to limit your right to assemble peacefully?



Fiscal Policy:


Which candidate is more likely to submit a budget?


Which candidate is more likely to submit a budget that is fiscally responsible?


Which candidate is more likely to tackle the federal debt crisis?


Which candidate is more likely to raise taxes on all Americans?



Executive Branch Responsibilities:


Which candidate is more likely to uphold the laws of the land?


Which candidate is more likely to “cherry-pick which laws to enforce?”


Which candidate is more likely to legislate from the Oval Office by bypassing standing law through misuse of the executive order privilege?



Head of State Duties:


Which candidate will be more respected on the international stage?


Which candidate believes in American exceptionalism?


Which candidate will best represent United States interests?



Commander in Chief:


Which candidate will fight for veteran’s rights?


Which candidate will fight to maintain the superior strength of the United States military?


Which candidate will keep terrorist cells on the defensive?


Which candidate will present to the American people defined victory in case of international conflict?


Which candidate will best defend the United States against imminent international aggression?



Illegal Immigration:


Which candidate will treat illegal crossing of the United States borders as a threat to national security?


Which candidate will finish construction of the fence that was authorized in 2006 by the 109th Congress and signed into law by then President George W. Bush?


Which candidate is more likely to deport illegal immigrants as well as those whose work visas have expired?


Which candidate is more likely to address ongoing concerns regarding illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States?





Which candidate will put forth healthcare policies that will allow you to keep your current doctor?


Which candidate will require that healthcare policies mandate that employers must offer birth control to women at no cost to the employee – even if an employer finds contraception immoral?


Which candidate’s healthcare policies are more likely to limit the healthcare treatments you receive due to age and current health status?


Which candidate’s healthcare policies will push more physicians out of the workforce?





Which candidate will put in place policies that will help Americans maintain their current job?


Which candidate will put in place policies that will help homeowners maintain their current house?


Which candidate will require welfare recipients to work or find job training to maintain their benefits?


Which candidate is more likely to increase the percentage of payroll taxes that you currently pay?


Which candidate is more likely to decrease the tax rate on corporations?





Which candidate is more likely to improve the quality of water you currently drink and the air that you breathe?





Which candidate is more likely to institute policies to reduce the price of oil?


Which candidate is more likely to jump start the energy industry by allowing for extraction of production of domestic fuels?





Which candidate is most likely to apologize for America?


Which candidate exhibits more pride in his country?


Which candidate sees a positive future for America?



Your Choice:


Who will you vote for?


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