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August 23, 2012

A Tempest in a Teapot

Patricia A. Kelly

One stupid remark…one stupid remark, and now Missouri Congressman Todd Akin is to be drawn and quartered by both the left and the right. What cowardice indeed!


Joe Biden has made untold stupid remarks, and people say, “That’s Joe.” When he recently suggested to a black audience that the Mitt Romney’s election would put them “back in chains,” did anyone call for his resignation? And, by the way, do we want a guy that puts his foot in his mouth this often, negotiating for us or speaking for us as President of The United States, should anything happen to Barack Obama?


We don’t seem to mind. It seems it’s okay to be stupid if you are on the left, but not on the right.


Congressman Akin’s remark was stupid on many levels. It was politically stupid for him to even engage in a conversation on this subject. He should have said something like, “Check out my website for the answer to that.” No one in his right mind would want to go into detail publicly on his right-to-life views during this election, considering the current campaign rhetoric on the left.


One of the president’s main campaign lines refers to the “War on Women.” Personally, I think he’s the one making war against me, by threatening my personal liberty with his plan for excessive government involvement in my life.


The other reason it was stupid was that Mr. Akin didn’t have either the physician who advised him, or enough data on hand to back up his statement. Nor did he have his response to the question practiced so that it was clear. If you insist on answering a question like that, you should have your answer clearly planned and practiced.


I don’t have all the research data, if there is any, to support on one side or the other the assertion that pregnancy is rare after rape, and that women can physically resist impregnation under some circumstances. I don’t know if the statistics would suggest that the percentage of pregnancy after unprotected, consensual one night stands is greater than the percentage after rapes.


I do know personally of cases where a couple tried for years to become pregnant, only to succeed after adopting a child. Something stopped the pregnancy before the adoption, and lack of effort wasn’t it.


As far as the phrase legitimate rape is concerned, we all know that women have falsely claimed rape before, and even used that claim to explain a pregnancy.


So, get over this, people. The Republicans, who have attempted to throw Congressman Akin under the bus, should be ashamed of themselves. They are buying into liberal campaign rhetoric, and operating out of fear, for their own campaigns, and of losing a possible majority in the Senate. They are giving weight to President Obama‘s false assertion that political conservatives are against women.


I doubt that I would agree with Congressman Akin on social issues, but I find it utterly reprehensible for anyone to give one stupid, mistaken remark more importance than this man’s six-term body of work in Congress.


Let’s all send him 50 bucks.


[Editor’s Note: Ms. Kelly is a registered nurse with many years of experience.]

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