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As Long as We Remember...

July 1, 2003

Jenita Raises Concerns About Working For The City

David 'Kip' Koontz

In the musical "Evita" there is a song in which the line, "and the money rolls in, the money rolls out," repeats itself over and over in the discussion of Evita Peron's alleged mishandling of funds donated to her foundation.

Well, with Mayor Jenita Dougherty, the line could read, "and the people roll in, the people roll out," in regards to staff and appointees, who are again dropping at a quick pace in Jenita's latest pogrom to shore up the Jenitaista regime.

Dan Lawton, who served as chairman of the Frederick Town Historic District Commission (HDC), was taken out recently, being advised the day of the June HDC meeting that he was not going to be reappointed because Jenita was going to "strictly adhere to the 2-term-limit-for-appointee rule."

Can't wait to see if that is uniformly applied.

As if that wasn't tacky enough, Mr. Lawton was informed in such a cold-hearted manner that Jenita may have even proffered the name of a person she wanted to see replace him on the commission.

Scuttlebutt has it that poor Mr. Lawton fell victim because he worked to strike a balance between preservation and realistic economic development and that angered certain preservationists who have Jenita's ear.

Some say he was dumped because these preservationists have strong feelings against two proposed projects, the development on East 5th Street and the mural on the side of the FSK Hotel.

Mr. Lawton held a more lenient position on those two proposals.

It is simply unfortunate that no matter the circumstance, when it comes to removing or replacing someone, Jenita seems to find a way to do so with controversy.

Additionally, Jenita sacked Jeffrey Reedy, acting director of the Weinberg Center, in what will be viewed as one of the most politically manipulated moves of her regime.

While this is a personnel matter and not all the pertinent information needs to be released to the public, the way Jenita misled the public and manipulated people into putting forth her spin on the matter will certainly rank at the top of her hit list of gaffes, guffaws, and outright bad moves she has had since ascending to the mayoralty.

Mr. Reedy may indeed have done things that warranted his firing.

What is troubling is that while he was indeed fired, Jenita told us that he resigned and she "was shocked by it."

Well, people get sacked all the time and have it portrayed as a voluntary resignation.

The difference is that Jenita, instead of giving a tersely worded statement saying something along the lines of, "due to the most extreme and unfortunate set of circumstances we had to accept Mr. Reedy's resignation," (which would have led us to believe there was more to it that a simple resignation) played the "I'm shocked" card which was simply a sham.

It is very difficult to believe that she could be shocked when the "your going to be fired letter" was signed off on by COO Vinny Hughes on the day of the announcement and it is tough to believe she was shocked as the "resignation" letter was on City of Frederick Human Resources Department letterhead.

Additionally, his permanent appointment to the position was to have been made at the mayor and board meeting on June 19th, yet Jenita personally had it pulled from the agenda.

Doing so seems to indicate her shock clearly was unwarranted, as it is easy to speculate that Mr. Reedy's fate was cast by then.

Jenita has a right to fire folks for not doing their job, or if there are issues surrounding their doing their job. But the public does not have to be misled, nor do individuals need to be misled.

In what seems to have been an attempt at preemptive spin control, Jenita is known to have contacted panelists on Cable 10's Pressing Issues program on June 18th, to spin her yarn as to how Mr. Reedy had committed gross misconduct that gave her no choice but to accept his resignation.

She went on to tell the panelist how much it upset her, but that she had no choice.

This spin was indeed put on the panelist's take on the matter that evening which effectively duped them into helping propagate Jenita's deception.

The firing and the way it was handled has the Weinberg board up in arms.

Jenita, in a bold move, has threatened the board, telling them they can't speak about it because it is a personnel matter and continued by saying that they, along with the employees, can be "a part of the solution or part of the problem!"

You can imagine the cry, "or it's off with your head," was thought of as the conclusion of her statement.

Jenita is flexing her muscles and it seems that no one, from directors to appointees, is safe from her potential wrath.

You have to ask, why on earth would anyone want to work or volunteer for the city when one can be so easily disposed of if you cross the path of that which is, Jenita?

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