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August 21, 2012

Warning to America

Roy Meachum

While Egypt’s new chief of staff studied at Carlisle’s Army War College, Brig. Gen. Sedky Sobhy wrote a thesis on the Middle East, including a scolding about this country’s lopsided support of Israel.


Of course, the scolding is still being ignored.


General Sobhy argued that U.S. bigotry had inspired the endless recruiting pool of Islamic radicals. That Washington was “immersed” in an “unsymmetrical world war against terrorists with no foreseeable goal or endpoint, according to The New York Times. The newspaper earned the reputation of being pro-Zionist and blindly backing the “new” Jewish nation in the Middle East. This is a remarkable turn-around.


The seven-year-old classroom paper was brought to light because Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi recently appointed General Sobhy to head all the country’s armed forces. Adding to Cairo’s fluffing off of Washington, the president announced this weekend he will be at a conference next month in Teheran; Iran leads the Islamic thrust against Israel.


Nothing can be expected to change. American billions of dollars spending on the banks of the Nile have gone for blackmail on the Jewish state’s behalf.


With a campaign to drastically cut all governmental spending, GOP-designated candidate Mitt Romney was the latest to bend his knee in Jerusalem. With Muslim names, given by his father, Barack Obama has sought for years recognition for being a Methodist; in any event he follows precedence. Wary of the “Jewish” vote and money, no president since Dwight David Eisenhower has chided Israel, by forcing their troops from the Suez Canal.


When he sat in the Oval Office, Richard Nixon stripped arms, aircraft and ammunition from European stock piles to give to Jerusalem that was threatened during the 1973 Ramadan/Yom Kippur War. But Sheldon Adelson’s millions in campaign funding have been unable to move the U.S.-recognized capitol from Tel Aviv to what Muslims call al Quds, the Holy City (Jerusalem). The gambling tycoon forced Illinois’ Sen. Chuck Percy and Maryland’s Sen. Charles ‘Mac’ Mathias off Capitol Hill; their pro-American stance regarding the Middle East was not always in favor of Israel.


In reality, the creation of al-Qaeda was a favor to diehard Zionists. Not since Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Army could Muslim haters vent their spleens and curse all Arabs. By the way, last month 16 PLA recruits were found dead in Syria, but they were orthodox Sunnis in a land ruled by Shiites. In Christianity, the difference in Islam cannot be compared to Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants; the sects don’t murder people who go to other churches.


Advancing time must be considered in Islam’s favor. The growing number of Muslims worldwide cannot be compared to rapidly dwindling Christians.


For millennia, the army ruled Egypt through tyrants; Hosni Mubarak was the last of the line. With hearty applause from Washington’s Foggy Bottom, the generals stepped in to save the “world.” Some consider the election of Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi as a mark against America, rather than upholding the central tenant of this republic: freedom from political oppression.


Virtually all Americans view the Middle East through apathetic eyes. They consider the people as “gooks.” They are anti-Semitic toward both Arabs and Jews. They do as politicians command and so they will not accept Egyptian Chief of Staff Sedky Sobhi’s warning, leaving their children and grandchildren to pay history’s piper.


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