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June 30, 2003

A small Comparison And A Reading Invitation

Bethany Stevenson

Could it be? The Mayor....lied?!?! And we all thought that all was going so well since she was learning to get along well with others. Like a soap opera of kindergarten proportions, our Ms. Dougherty strikes again on the playground of Frederick.

A familiar soap opera to the kindergarten set is "Sponge Bob Square Pants" who "lives in a pineapple under the sea" in a small town called Bikini Bottom. He is an innocent citizen of that dear city. He does his part to work, to make friends, to help his neighbors, to be honest, upright and, unfortunately for Bob, trusting of his fellow citizens.

Enter Mr. Krabs, owner of the Krusty Krab, the local fast food joint where Sponge Bob works. Mr. Krabs is a money hungry, penny pinching, lie through his teeth, cheat his best friend if he could kind of guy. He has even been known to charge Bob for the privilege of working for him.

Remind you of anyone mentioned previously, say, a certain Democrat holding a high position in Frederick City?

Here in Bikini Bottom/Frederick City we innocent everyday Bobs/citizens go to work, do our part to build our community, make friendships, build contact webs, help our neighbors, and all too often we trust those we elect with too much power. Some we elect can handle it.

As we see with our Krusty Krab Mayor, trusting her is like trusting the head of the Democratic Lie, Cheat and Steal School Master Bill Clinton.

Give her an inch and she will steal a mile. She just can't handle the power.

The latest episode of our drama queen's work has been splayed across the front pages for over a week in the Weinberg Center dealings with Mr. Reedy. Is it lying, cheating or stealing to rob someone of their job two days before they become salaried, when it is quite obvious that he is more proficient in his ability to perform than the most recent few he replaced? And then to say he quit of his own free will when he was fired?

It is not very often that I could ever use the "Big B" to describe a fellow female, simply because as a female it is derogatory to the sex as a whole. It is also quite overused to explain away assertiveness, leadership, or even the occasional bad moods that all humans experience.

However, in this case, Mayor Dougherty has taken the cake for the rare instance that I would ever use the term. It fits her and her actions to a "T."

Coupled with her past behavior in City Hall, her term should be revoked. She is neither mature enough nor experienced enough to handle the pressure of the duties of mayor, let alone normal human relations where you are required to get along with others.

Sorry, Jenn, itís back to kindergarten for you: Sponge Bob and his five-year-old friends can help you rethink your ways. Don't forget to read a little "Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten."

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