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August 14, 2012

Democrat Double Standard: Enough Already

Steve Gottlieb

In any election cycle there's always controversy about the way in which parties engage in and carry out campaign strategies. This presidential campaign is no exception. However, three items illustrating a double standard are particularly disconcerting. For some reason these issues all involve Democrats.


The three items are Harry Reid taking to the Senate floor to accuse Mitt Romney of failing to pay taxes for 10 years; the Obama campaign and Democrats in Ohio suing to restrict – or suppress – early voting by military members; and the Democratic Party in Maryland trying to prevent people from voting on the General Assembly’s congressional redistricting plan.


Earlier this month Nevada Senator Reid made his unfounded accusations about Mr. Romney. He claims the information is from "an unnamed source” – without any further corroboration.


He refers to the source as unnamed to avoid divulging where he got the information, if he actually received any at all. This is certainly a convenient way to cover up fabrication.


Interestingly, he used the floor of the Senate to make an unsubstantiated personal attack against a presidential candidate. It is bad enough that he wants to make a personal attack and doesn't have the facts to back it up, but why would he choose to do so from the well of the Senate where he should be discussing legislation. Could it be that as long as the Senate is in session anything he says on the floor is protected from being utilized in a slander suit?


It's amazing to think that a public figure, who won't release his own personal tax returns, would broach this subject without facts. It is also remarkable that the President of the United States, who also doesn't like personal records released, did not come out and refute these claims as being unconscionable and disgusting since there is no proof – and none was forthcoming.


Remember, there are quite a few questions about the president's background which are left unanswered, and which he refuses to address and works very hard to keep sealed.


Here we see a double standard being utilized in how Republicans and Democrats are treated by the mainstream media. During the last few weeks we heard a lot about Mitt Romney's income taxes, yet very little about those same issues where Harry Reid is concerned. Of course, the media absolutely will not address issues with the president’s past. In America people are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and slander is considered wrong. For some reason these standards do not apply when Democrats are the accusers.


In Ohio there is a state law which allows extra time for military members to cast early votes and absentee ballots. Basically the law would allow service members to cast their votes up until the Monday night before an election, while the deadline for the rest of the citizens is three days earlier.


The reason for this is fairly simple. Those serving in the military are often deployed overseas during election cycles. When they are overseas, it is possible their absentee or early voting ballots will not be delivered to them in a foreign country in time to meet normal deadlines. It is also possible that when ballots are mailed back to the local election boards, they may not reach their appropriate states in time to be counted.


The Obama campaign and the Democrats argue that all people in Ohio should be treated the same, and there's no need to provide any extra time to military members. Republicans, and most military groups involved with this issue, claim that given the constraints of being deployed, military members often will require the extra time to ensure their votes are received and counted.


For those who never experienced deployment, mail can be delayed for extended periods in reaching service members. The interesting thing here is this is not the first time Democrats have tried to find a way to suppress votes by those in service to their country.


During the 2000 election, Democrats tried to suppress military voting in certain Florida counties. The reason is pretty clear. The majority of military votes historically tend to be conservative and Republican, not all, but the majority. Ironically, Democrats, who are usually the first to claim minorities and the elderly (the majority of whom vote Democrat) are being disenfranchised when it comes to issues of voter identification and illegitimate names being cleansed from voting rolls, are more than willing to make up excuses to disenfranchise service members who are actually deployed defending our great country. It seems that Democrats don't mind disenfranchising those that will predominantly vote conservative and Republican. This is another example of a Democrat double standard.


The third item deals with an issue closer to home here in Maryland. In our state we are faced with gerrymandered congressional voting districts, a completely unfair and indefensible redistricting plan passed by our General Assembly and signed into law by the governor.


In accordance with the Maryland Constitution, enough signatures were collected to place the redistricting plan on the ballot in November's election, giving the people of the state the opportunity to make their opinion heard on the matter.


Once again, the Democratic Party seeks to prevent the legal exercise of our rights as citizens and voters in the state of Maryland by filing suit to overturn the decision by the State Board of Elections, which said enough signatures were, in fact, collected. Remember, this is the same Democratic Party that is worried about the rights of illegal immigrants. They just don’t like legal conservative voters. This is yet another example of the Democrat double standards that are a threat to our existence as law-abiding people.


The American people and the citizens of Maryland deserve better. The double standard we are seeing in this country, and in this state, must come to an end. People must stand up and hold elected officials from both parties accountable for providing fair, accurate and appropriately substantiated facts and public statements.


If they don't comply, we should fire them all. It is time to say enough already.



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