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August 13, 2012

Where do we go from here?

Jill King

While the Republican Party is cheering over Mitt Romney's choice of Congressman Paul Ryan as a running mate, it is difficult to get excited over the federal elections.


When it comes to national politics, many remain indifferent and stick to the plan. The mission, of watching and changing the way the state and local jurisdictions do business is still all consuming.


Although 2014 is in the distant future, we will have a huge race with many up for re-election or termed out needing new oversight. Hopefully, the candidates that are being prepped and vetted are ready for a fight that seems all but over, at least when you are the extreme minority in Maryland.


The federal candidates have been tap dancing on the state's authority and using items such as "Gay Marriage" and "The Dream Act" to gain votes.


Will the state candidates understand their role, or will they put out the same garbage?


Does anyone even know whose authority it is to pass laws, create policy, or even of their choice in nullifying federal mandates?


While running errands this week, the mission was to pay close attention to the employee parking lots at businesses. Working in the Western Maryland corridor provides ample opportunity to live across the state line, paying less in taxes and commuting to Maryland for work. The large number of Pennsylvania and West Virginia tags mixed with the Maryland ones proves that this is already happening. Only a handful were from Virginia.


For several years Maryland has touted a number one or two spot in the nation, for the highest median salary. This is creating an atmosphere in which many think that all taxpayers can afford the new Maryland taxes.


As a state, we have an astronomical amount of government workers, not-for-profits, bio-tech, and research businesses which gain a large portion of their funding from the state’s decisions to tax its people.


While this is going on, there are layers of taxes placed on businesses that don't get the same aid, causing more costs to those just trying to make an honest living.


How can the rural farmer make it when the cost of goods and regulations is working against them? With the majority of our representatives being in populous areas, in Central Maryland, and voting Democrat, should we expect them to recognize where their bread, milk, and butter comes from, or should we expect them to keep pandering to the welfare vote, hosted largely by Democrats?


Often the Democratic Party is attempting to say that conservatives vote against their own needs, but people who vote for more taxation are the ones suppressing the middle class. The service provider, or the ones who are doing the lower scale jobs, are not those who are creating the median. These are the ones who are paying dearly.


These people no longer see a paycheck, they only see exchange day and for what?


Is it any wonder that we need to have VISA's, to have employees? How many sanctuary cities have popped up in Central Maryland, since the Democrat regime transitioned, to host PlanMaryland, the Save the Bay campaigns, or even the special interest group Casa de Maryland?


One fine example is the plentiful amount of crabs this year and how welfare pays more than actually going and doing the work.


The Democrats answer is always to raise the minimum wage; but the real answer lies in less government intervention in growth issues and to stop funding any 'Tom, Dick, and Harry' who lobbies them through votes for votes.


It is one thing to make the people pay more, in fees and taxes; it is a completely opposite thought to ease growth, without such stringent regulations.


With an extreme rise in unaffiliated voters here, the primaries are going to be problematic. To ensure that the better of the two candidates get in, they will need to choose one host.


The disdain for the two-party system has reared its ugly head. There is only so much that can be accomplished when people are moving away from the two-party control and registering as unaffiliated. They have created patriot, tea, and liberty groups that don't hold themselves to the standards of either side, but typically choose one side in the general election.


The most recent federal election showed many states that allow all of their registrants to vote in the primaries, while Maryland has no such accommodation. It begs the question of whether it should be uniform in nature or whether we should just stick to the status quo. Why don’t Maryland unaffiliated voters have the same policy in elections, as others in the nation, for a presidential election?


Could it be that the trend here is that unaffiliated will typically side Republican, yet just don't want to fit into the tight niche?


National talk show hosts keep telling the Republicans, ‘here’s your sign.’ It is time for change. Yet here in Maryland the only change they have managed to make is one that showed the lack of unity in the party, by changing out a national committee member.


On April15, 2012, the Americans Elect Party was confirmed, when they submitted a petition hosting 11,317 accepted signatures.


The rule now in Maryland, except those under the Americans Elect Party is to register with one of the two dominants or unaffiliated.


In the upcoming race for governor, one potential candidate who has formed an exploratory committee and realizes the principals I have mentioned is going to need all hands on deck.


 The Frederick Board of County Commissioners President Blaine R. Young will appeal to many of these groups.


Are you willing to change your party, to vote in the primary or would you like to remain status quo?


You don't have to believe me when it comes to Blaine Young; just check out his record, it speaks for itself.


Retraining my brain for the future, conferring with my past...


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